Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 rumored price might surprise you

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 price might be higher than expected. According to a new rumor, the price of the upcoming Samsung smartwatch series would be an increase from the current Galaxy Watch models. 

WinFuture's Roland Quandt (via XDA Developers) shared alleged Galaxy Watch 5 prices on Twitter, claiming the wearable will start around €300 for the Bluetooth-only, 40mm model. That coverts to about $315 for U.S. customers, a step up from the entry-level Samsung Galaxy Watch 4's $249 starting price.

Though companies charge different prices in different regions, Quandt's intel suggests increases spanning the entire Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 lineup. The 40mm LTE model may cost around €350 (~$367,) while the 44mm Bluetooth and 44mm LTE models may cost around €350 and €400 ( ~$420), respectively.

Rumored to replace the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro may come in a single 45mm size, but with Bluetooth and LTE options. Quandt says the Bluetooth model prices will start at €490 (~$514) and the LTE model at €540 (~$567.)

One of the biggest Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 vs. Galaxy Watch 4 Classic differences is price, with the Classic model and its physical rotating bezel starting at $349. If you ask us which is the best Samsung watch, we better appreciate the regular Galaxy Watch 4's lower cost.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 price rumor — what it means

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 price going up from the Galaxy Watch 4 wouldn't mark a major change in Samsung's smartwatch pricing strategy. That's because Samsung hasn't employed consistent cost tiers year-to-year the same way the Apple has with the Apple Watch. A $50 price hike would be big news for the Apple Watch 8, but it's not as unexpected for the Galaxy Watch 5.

I'll remind you that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 started at $399, and even at that price it was one of the best smartwatches on the market. The upgrades of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 make the newer smartwatch a superior choice, but we didn't hold the Galaxy Watch 3's price against it.

What's more surprising is perhaps the rumored Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro price. Believed to arrive in a premium titanium material, the higher-end Galaxy Watch 5 won't come cheap. It could even be more expensive than the 45mm Apple Watch 7 with cellular support, if the conversions above prove accurate.

That said, I'm not convinced the prices in USD will line up perfectly with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 prices tipped in this latest rumor. Part of me hopes the upcoming smartwatches won't end up being more expensive after all, making it possible for more people to own a Wear OS 3 smartwatch. It'll also be important to weigh the Galaxy Watch 5's value against the upcoming Google Pixel Watch, which hasn't been the subject of any substantial price rumors yet.

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