Samsung Galaxy Note 20 design revealed in new renders — here's your first look

Galaxy Note 20 design
(Image credit: Pigtou and @xleaks7)

We're beginning to get a pretty clear picture of what the Galaxy Note 20 will look like when it eventually launches late this summer. New details and renders are dropping all the time, though, and fresh batch of them just landed courtesy of xleaks7 and Pigtou.

Those sources say the Note 20 render you see here is the smaller of the two variants Samsung is expected to release. However, it touts a much larger display than we were previously led to believe the Note 20 would carry. 

A tweet earlier this month from supply chain expert Ross Young (that's since been deleted) claimed we'd get a 6.42-inch panel in the Note 20, but this one spans 6.7 inches — and this isn't even the Note 20 Plus we're talking about.

It should be said that the sources in question here are relatively unproven — xleaks7 emerged on Twitter only last month, while Pigtou is an accessories maker by trade. That said, this Note 20 mockup is otherwise consistent with other leaks to date, and it's purportedly based on CAD sketches, so it's worth studying.

According to xleaks7 and Pigtou, the Galaxy Note 20 will be larger than its predecessor in every dimension: roughly 0.4 inches taller, 0.15 inches wider and just 0.02 inches thicker. Still, it'll be a smidge smaller than the gargantuan 6.9-inch Galaxy S20 Ultra across the board. Based on these estimates, it's not unreasonable to assume the Galaxy Note 20 Plus will wind up being the largest non-foldable handset Samsung has ever made, at least in terms of screen size.

Visually, the Note 20 looks to be a blend between the S20 Ultra and its predecessor. The front of the device appears to be flatter than the outgoing model's, with a tiny Infinity-O hole-punch cutout for the selfie lens. In fact, the overall aesthetic isn't too far removed from Samsung's recently-launched $399 Galaxy A51.

On the back, the elongated rectangular quad-camera module — complete with what looks to be a periscope optical zoom lens in the middle — is a dead ringer for the arrangement that appears in the Galaxy S20 Ultra. However, the sources warn that Samsung hasn't finalized the cameras yet, and so it cannot confirm what lenses and sensors that module will include.

Galaxy Note 20 design

(Image credit: Pigtou and @xleaks7)

For what it's worth, a batch of Note 20 camera parts leaked earlier today depict the same organization: three lenses in a line down the left, and the periscope on the right.

Least surprising of all is the S-Pen peering out from the bottom-right corner of the Note 20's frame in these renders. Interestingly, though, the phone's power key and volume rocker appear to have switched to the right side, from their position on the left of the Note 10.

It's not hard to believe Samsung would make the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Plus significantly larger than the phablets that preceded them, especially if there's no Ultra model in tow. Instead, rumors suggest that the Galaxy Fold 2 will debut alongside the upcoming Note series in August.

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