PS5 will get you into your games faster than ever before with this upgrade

(Image credit: Djordje Novakov)

The PS5 user interface could allow you to not only jump straight into a game, but into a specific mode or mission, straight from booting up the console.

A Sony patent found by PlayStation Universe, titled "Dynamic interfaces for launching direct gameplay," describes a series of templates that allow games to have functions embedded directly within the PS5's main menu.

The patent shows us, in some unfortunately dull-looking illustrations, how the user device (a Sony game console) works alongside platform servers, cloud servers and interactive content source servers (such as games, apps and other experiences you can access through the PS5). to take the templates the patent describes, associate them with specific options from within the app, and then display them to the user, ready to be selected. 

PS5 lead architect Mark Cerny gave us some ideas of how this might work in an interview he did with Wired last year. Multiplayer games could give users the option to start searching for a match from the main menu, rather than needing the user to open the game app and select the option from there. Meanwhile, single player titles could help you keep track of active quests and their potential rewards or important stats. 

These are all functions you could find within the applications themselves, but this patent wants to put them front and center on your home page so you can find out what you want quickly and simply.

The PS5 has plenty in store for players to look forward to, based on leaks and a few small pieces of news that Sony has revealed.  The PS5 will also feature backwards compatibility with the vast majority of PS4 titles (unfortunately it doesn't look like this will happen with support for PS3 or earlier Sony consoles), a speedy 825GB SSD, 3D audio support and graphical upgrades like ray tracing.

The PS5 is set to launch by the end of 2020, despite the troubles that the coronavirus pandemic has caused around the world.

Richard Priday
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