PS5 DualSense design reveals the 'night mode' we really want

(Image credit: Ellejart)

The PS5 DualSense controller already has a lot of fancy features, but night mode is one that could really be useful.

The concept video you see below was made by Nikolay Mochkin (AKA Ellejart), and shows how the PS5's redesigned controller could behave when you turn off the lights for some late night console gaming (via T3).

In essence, the activation of 'Night Mode' lights up the LEDs around the controller's center and behind the main buttons. It pulses while activated, and also has a neat switch-on animation as the lights gradually change. The touchpad lighting activates first followed by the buttons from top to bottom, or vice versa when turning it off.

What's particularly enjoyable is that the lights restore the traditional colorings to the face buttons. While the two-tone black and white DualSense design does have its own appeal, it's a big step away from the traditional all-black controller with different colored shapes on its buttons. This would go some way to strengthening the link between Sony's old design language and its new one.

What we do know is coming to the DualSense controller is a lot of haptic feedback tech, including triggers with variable resistance. This will allow developers to change how it feels to pull L2 or R2 when you're using different weapons, for example. Also built-in will be a microphone for in-game chat, and a new 'Create' button, which will apparently add new features to the PS4's screenshot and video clip-making Share button.

Hopefully the last of the DualSense's secrets, as well as those of the console itself, will be revealed during September. The PS5 and Xbox Series X are both set to launch in November to capitalize on the holiday period's sales.

Richard Priday
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