Google canceling some Pixel Fold pre-orders — what you need to know

Google Pixel Fold
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The Google Pixel Fold is set to arrive tomorrow, June 27, after being available to pre-order for almost two months. But if you got your pre-orders in at the Google Store already, hoping to be an early adopter (or get that free Pixel Watch), you might want to double check the status of your order. Just in case Google canceled it without telling you.

Some users have reported that their Pixel Fold pre-orders have been canceled or put on hold because it “doesn’t align with [Google’s} sales term” or that payment details couldn’t be verified. The worst part about this is users weren’t informed of the cancellation by email, and instead discovered the problem when they logged in to check the status of their order.

Judging from what’s happening on Reddit and social media, there are two separate problems. Some pre-orders are being outright canceled, while others have been put on hold, pending some sort of issue with their payment information. Apparently Google has admitted this is a bug, but users aren’t finding much help from customer support.

Users with canceled pre-orders are being told that there’s little Google can do, and the only solution is to make another order — and potentially have to wait longer to receive the Pixel Fold in the process. One Reddit user claims that they were initially expecting a June 28 delivery, but now they’ve had to redo the order (multiple times, they say), they’re having to wait until August.

Users who have had their purchase put on hold apparently have it slightly better. Rather than an outright cancellation with no warning, it seems they’re actively being contacted by Google and asked to update their payment information. Which is annoying, especially if there aren’t any noticeable issues with your original option, but still means Google intends to ship out your phone as planned.

It’s worth noting that this issue only seems to be affecting orders made directly through Google. If you ordered the Pixel Fold through a carrier you should be safe — though it couldn’t hurt to check your order status for peace of mind.

Regardless, this is not a particularly good look for Google, especially since the launch of its first foldable is such a big deal. Pixels may not be the greatest selling Android phones in the world, but Google is big enough that these kinds of problems shouldn’t happen. 

So if you had a Pixel Fold pre-order ready to go, be sure to check it now and save yourself an unwelcome surprise in the near future.

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