One of the best PS5 games is finally coming to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

Stray video game
(Image credit: BlueTwelve Studios)

The surprise kitty sensation of last summer and one of the best PS5 games is headed to Xbox consoles. 

Stray briefly broke the internet last year with PS5 and PC-owning pet lovers sharing videos of their bewitched cats and dog staring intently at the indie hit on TVs across the globe.

Now Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S players will finally be able to get in on the feline fun with the news that Stray is headed to Microsoft’s consoles. The announcement came during the Annapurna Interactive Showcase, with BlueTwelve Studio’s charming cat adventure coming to Xbox platforms on August 10.

Equal parts odd and endearing, Stray is one of the best games to come to PS5’s PlayStation Plus Extra service. It may be on the short side — you can prowl and purr past its challenges in under three hours — but it remains captivating throughout its brief playtime. 

Cat's all, folks

Stray video game

(Image credit: BlueTwelve Studio)

Originally called ‘HK Project’, Stray was in development for seven years before it hit PS5 and PC last summer. Within minutes of playing this labor of love, it’s clear to see why it took the small team at BlueTwelve such a long time to make it. 

In thirty years of playing video games, I’ve never seen such believable depictions of animal movement. In motion, Stray is something else to behold.  

The slightly absurd appeal of playing a cat is obviously the game’s big hook, but Stray has far more going for it than tabby treats. A bizarre mix of puzzles and platforming, this indie adventure sees you roaming the underground streets of a dystopian city… a dystopian city inhabited by strangely relatable and sometimes sheepish robots. Naturally. 

A bizarre mix of puzzles and platforming, this indie adventure sees you roaming the streets of a dystopian city as a cat"

I can’t fully describe how much I love Stray. I was obsessed with the game when it launched on PS5. So much so, I earned its platinum trophy within a week of release.

Unlocking said Sony trinket involved sitting on robots’ laps, riding impromptu elevators made out of buckets and scrambling away from little beasties that look like they’ve been pulled straight out of Half-Life 2’s incredible Ravenholm section.

Xbox players, you’re in for a treat. Don’t just take my word for it; my husky is equally enamoured with Stray…

Dog watching Stray

(Image credit: Future)

I can’t think of a game that’s easier to recommend to anyone with even the faintest love for our feline friends.

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