One of PlayStation Store's best features just made a comeback — here's what you need to know

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With so many PS4 games and PS5 games to choose from it can be overwhelming to know what deserves your attention and what you can skip. Yet for some reason, Sony recently made it maddeningly difficult to find versions of these games to try out by removing the dedicated demos section from its store. But now it’s back and has more than 300 games to try out. 

Spotted by Reddit user Adventurous_Line407, there's once again a 'Demos' page within the PlayStation Store. Before now, users would have to look on a specific game's store page in order to find out if there was an available demo, which could be an awkward process. But now, there are 352 obvious reasons to boot up your PlayStation.

The Demos section of the PS Store

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The return of this store section has been given little fanfare by Sony, perhaps because the new tiered PlayStation Plus system now features its own free trials, which Sony perhaps wishes to highlight instead. Also, the Xbox and Steam stores have had specific demo pages for some time already, so Sony maybe doesn't want to draw attention to the fact it's just catching up now.

While not all of the demos will be worth your time, there are some big-name games that you could be trying for free right now. Resident Evil Village and the Saints Row remake both have slices of content available. For indie games, the return of this feature could be a big deal, with gamers often wary of spending their hard-earned money on an unknown game.

The return of the dedicated demos section provides gamers the chance to try titles they may not have given a chance to before. Like free samples at a grocery, demos help us to get a taste for a game before we decide if we love it, or wish we never picked up the controller. So it's great that the PlayStation Store is no longer hiding its demos away.

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