New Samsung Galaxy Note 20 designs show off never-before-seen specs

Samsung Galaxy Note 20
(Image credit: TT Technology/Waqer Khan)

Now the Samsung Galaxy S20 series are almost in the hands of phone fans, it's time to look forward to what's next on Samsung's radar. Which, of course, is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series. The premium phablet range has stood alongside the Samsung Galaxy S series as some of the best devices on the market for plenty of reasons – chief among them the excellent S Pen. Now, we're expecting something truly special indeed. 

Tech Youtuber TT Technologies has collated all the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 rumours floating around the web so far and published a series of designs by well-known concept render artists, some of which we've never seen before. A lot of the designs are based on rumours that have already made the rounds, such as using the same space-zoom 108MP camera modules from the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, or incorporating a waterfall screen with physical buttons

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20's rumoured waterfall screen (Image credit: TT Technology)

However, new pieces of information have also come to light. In the same patent granted to Samsung for a waterfall screen come grip-based sensors for a series of health metrics, such as an electrocardiogram (ECG) used to determine irregular rhythms in your heart and electromyography sensors to determine muscular health.

Previously, heart rate tracking has been the domain of smartwatches, but Samsung looks to blur the lines between devices and bring this health technology to smartphones. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

(Image credit: TT Technology)

TT Technology also reckons we'll see the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 sit at a hefty 6.5" display, while the Note 20 Plus will be a huge 7". They also believe the Note 20 Plus will come with its own in-built projector. 

We've seen concepts of phone projectors before, in early designs for the iPhone 12, but having projectors embedded in a phablet like the Note 20 makes more sense. Although the projector will be of little use for gaming, one big draw of the Note 20 is that it's an ideal tool for creatives to work on, with a large surface area and state-of-the-art stylus. It positions itself midway between phone and tablet, taking a bite out of both markets.

As such, a versatile workplace tool with in-built projector sounds like a big draw. Sketch out some ideas during a meeting with the S Pen, and when it comes time for your turn to speak, project those ideas onto the wall behind you for all to see. 

Here's the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Plus renders in full:

Will Samsung be able to take on the might of multiple markets at the same time, with a wide reach covering work, play and even the best fitness trackers with its new technology? Whether the Note series is finally reaching too far or not, with its purported July release date not far away, we're already getting excited about it. 

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  • Korey_4
    All I want is Google to marry a phone design like the Note 9 with the Pixel software. Would be the perfect phone in my opinion. Don't care too much for the glass slab.