New PS5 game confirmed! Rainbow Six Siege will hit PlayStation 5 at launch

Rainbow Six: Siege
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

As PS5 and Xbox Series X gear up for their Holiday 2020 launches, details of each consoles' roster of games are beginning to emerge. We know the PS5 will carry PlayStation 5-exclusive titles (such as looter-slasher Godfall) from the get-go, as well as cross-platform games. 

While the Xbox Series X won't contain any exclusives, it will contain games like Senua's Saga: Hellblade II and Halo: Infinite, which are designed to be played across the wider Microsoft family of consoles. 

Although loads more next-gen launch titles are waiting in the wings, shrouded in secrecy, Ubisoft game director Leroy Athanassof has broken cover and revealed the next-gen port of Rainbow Six Siege is aiming to be a launch title on both PS5 and Xbox Series X. 

In an interview with news outlet Windows Central, Athanassof said: "What I can tell you is that we are going to be on [PS5 and Xbox Series X] from launch. When they will release the consoles, but it's up to them to agree that. For Siege, our target is to be available right at launch."

Xbox Series X vs PS5

Rainbow Six Siege is set to land on both next-gen consoles later this year (Image credit: Microsoft/LetsGoDigital)

Athanassof dropped another tidbit during the interview and revealed Rainbow Six Siege will feature cross-generation multiplayer. If your buddies don't have a PS5 and you snap one up from day one, you'll still be able to log on and play with your mates – even though they're sporting tech that's so last generation. 

This is a feature designed to avoid "community fragmentation". However, it's also reminiscent of Microsoft's decision to avoid next-gen exclusive titles until 2022, to give gamers more time to transition from their current-generation consoles to the new technology. 

One of the most-requested features of the PS5 is backwards compatibility, as gamers are anxious to ensure their library of games will still be playable on the new console. As uncertainty swells regarding Sony's commitment to its back catalogue, the news that Rainbow Six Siege will feature cross-gen play might be a hint that PS5 will at least be compatible with some PS4 games. 

Athanassof even wants to facilitate gamers eventually being able to play across systems, linking PlayStation and Xbox consoles for the very first time. However, for now, that remains a pipe dream. 

As another next-gen launch title slots into place, all eyes turn to the PS5, which has yet to be officially revealed. As we know quite a bit about Microsoft's next-gen offering already, we're hoping for the PS5 to be unveiled later this month. Color us very excited.

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