OnePlus 9 leak reveals new design — and Ultrashot camera

The OnePlus 9 5G has leaked
(Image credit: PhoneArena)

Generally speaking, the closer to a phone’s release, the more leaks you get. This explains why we’re seeing so many Samsung Galaxy S21 leaks, with its January release imminent. 

But this also makes this OnePlus 9 5G leak a pleasant surprise. Although we’re not expecting the handset to appear until the spring, PhoneArena has been sent photos of the OnePlus 9 5G in action, not only showing it from every angle, but also capturing its settings pages for a detailed look at its specifications. 

OnePlus 9 5G design 

From the front, the OnePlus 9 5G looks remarkably similar to its immediate predecessor, the OnePlus 8T. The 6.55-inch handset shows plenty of screen, with a hole-punch camera in the top-left hand corner and extremely thin bezels all the way around, with a barely perceptible extension on the chin at the bottom.

From the side, the phone shows a metal frame with a USB-C port, speaker and SIM-card tray on the bottom. The site notes that the latter of these seems to have a rubber seal, and reckons that while the OnePlus 9 5G is unlikely to get an official IP rating, some kind of water and dust resistance is likely. In the past, the company has shied away from official IP ratings, with the rationale being that they cost extra money but aren’t necessary to protect handsets from water damage. 

The OnePlus 9 5G has leaked

(Image credit: PhoneArena)

Turn the OnePlus 9 on its front, and the first thing that’ll likely strike you is the strange logo in the middle of the device. Suffice it to say this almost certainly won’t be there when the phone ships: as PhoneArena notes, OnePlus tends to create dedicated logos for prototype units, which is clearly what you’re looking at. 

The next thing you’ll note is the chunky camera bump in the top left-hand corner. It houses three camera sensors and a flash, but the specifications are open to speculation: while the OnePlus 8T had camera specs written on the bump, this pre-production unit has the word “ultrashot” embossed on it instead.

OnePlus 9 5G specs 

Speaking of specs, plenty is given away in the settings menu screenshots. While the camera details seem to have been overwritten with something more generic, it does look like the OnePlus 9 5G will ship with the latest and greatest Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor – as seen here under its codename of “Lahaina”.

The leak also reveals 8GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage, though it’s worth noting that previous OnePlus handsets have offered options with more RAM and more storage for a little more cash. Assuming that’s an option here, it’s definitely worth considering as once again there’s no option to expand storage via microSD.

Finally, there's the OnePlus 9's screen. The resolution is reported at being 2,400 x 1,080 for a pixel density of 401.64 ppi, and the refresh rate is listed at being 120Hz, so you could potentially hit 120fps in games (assuming such frame rates are supported). Higher refresh rates take up more power, so it’s just as well the OnePlus 9 5G is listed as having a generous 4,500 mAh battery built in.

OnePlus 9 outlook

All in all, there’s plenty to be excited about, though we’re still a good few months away from release. If past form is anything to go by, then we can expect the OnePlus 9 family to debut in March/April time – and it will be interesting to see how closely this prototype resembles the finished product when it emerges in the spring.

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