MagDart crushes Apple MagSafe charging speed — but there's a catch

Realme MagDart
(Image credit: Realme)

If you're an Android user who's been jealous of the iPhone 12's MagSafe wireless charging and mounting system, you now have a new option. Realme's just revealed MagDart, its own system that improves on Apple's original in several ways.

There are two basic flavors: the slim 15W charger that looks a lot like a MagSafe disc, and a chunkier but much faster 50W wireless charging system. Realme also introduced compatible accessories like a power bank/charging stand combination, magnetic case, magnetic wallet with kickstand and a pop-up beauty light accessory for selfies at the dedicated launch event.

Realme MagDart

The Realme MagDart wallet, with kickstand (Image credit: Realme)

The catch? We don't know which devices will work natively with MagDart yet. The phone shown in the event and promotional material is called the Realme Flash, but is purely a concept device. While the Realme GT is also shown, it can only use MagDart when put inside the compatible case, which features a USB-C passthrough to power the phone.

Realme MagDart

The 2-in-1 MagDart Power Bank, in its charging cradle (Image credit: Realme)

Realme does have a full complement of mid-range and budget devices on offer, however, such as the Realme 8 5G, which use the 65W rapid charging system that is needed to run MagDart at its fastest speed. It seems likely that the Realme 9 series or the next X or C series phones will work with MagDart in one way or another when they debut during the next 12 months.

Realme MagDart

The MagDart case for the Realme GT. (Image credit: Realme)

Compared to MagSafe, MagDart comes off well. It offers a much higher charging speed, plus a diverse range of accessories right off the bat. Apple only just revealed its own MagSafe-compatible powerbank after all. However, Apple made the smart decision of revealing MagSafe with a range of phones capable of using it, rather than a concept device and a retrofitted existing phone as Realme has. And Apple is also working with a wide range of accessory makers to make third-party MagSafe devices.

Realme MagDart

The Realme MagDart Beauty Light (Image credit: Realme)

The thing is though, Apple likely isn't concerned by MagDart. Apple has a habit of defining smartphone design trends, and this is just another one to add to the long list. Plus, the more companies that introduce magnetic wireless charging, the more third-party accessories there will be to enrich the experience, including that of iPhone users.

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