Loki season 2 release date confirmed, first look and everything we know so far

Tom Hiddleston as the Loki variant in Loki season 2 in the Disney Plus 2023 sneak preview
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Yep. It's official. Loki season 2 is coming this fall. For the first time in the Marvel Disney Plus shows, the folks at Disney have gone out of their way to not just hint at a second season, but let us know that it's coming. But Loki's director won't be coming back for this new batch of episodes, and she's revealed a little about what's been left on the cutting room floor. 

Beware SPOILERS below folks. As you may guess, this article will go over the events of the Loki season 1 finale, and how they will likely lead into what's to come. Safe to say that we're plenty excited about the potential for Loki season 2, especially considering what we still want from the show.

But, yes, at the end of Loki episode 6, it was revealed, via a giant official stamp, that "Loki will return in season 2." No end-credits scene was provided. This was a much more official announcement than what we got at the end of Falcon and Winter Soldier, where a title card just changed the show's title to Captain America and the Winter Soldier — without saying whether or not a new season was coming. 

Loki Season 2 confirmation graphic from the Loki finale

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Because of such vagueness, we're still waiting on any confirmation of a Falcon and Winter Soldier season 2 or a WandaVision season 2 (which seems even less likely).

Latest Loki season 2 news (updated May 16)

Loki season 2 first look

Three Lokis (all suited), Mobius (also suited) and Sylvie can be seen in the first Loki season 2 clips shown, which popped up in a Disney 2023 preview video.

Loki season 2 plot

Loki season 1 ended with Sylvie kissing the Loki variant, and then kicking him back to the TVA before stabbing He Who Remains. Loki was left depressed and saddened, and running around the TVA in panic.

Now that Sylvie's "freed the timeline," there is a lot of chaos coming our way in the MCU. He Who Remains (who might as well be called Kang the Conqueror) remained in the Loki series timeline, which is likely to be experiencing some multiversal war, as he put it. 

Loki season 2 will likely see our Loki variant trying to fix things, and work with the Mobius and Hunter B-15 who do not remember him.

We can and should expect to learn more about Mobius and Ravonna, as show-writer Eric Martin tweeted that "I really wish we'd had more time with Mobius and Renslayer. I wanted to explore her more deeply and really see their relationship. But covid got in the way and we just didn't have time."

Loki season 2 release date confirmed

On Twitter, Marvel updated the below window. Now, Loki will premiere on Oct. 6, 2023, following Secret Invasion, the next upcoming Marvel series.

At San Diego Comic-Con 2022, Loki got its slot in Marvel Phase 5's timeline: Summer 2023. That didn't turn out to be the case.

But since Disney Plus has not announced when exactly Loki season 2 will arrive, let's look at the fact that Loki season 1 took approximately a year and a half to film and produce — with filming beginning in January 2020 and its finale production concluding in June 2021 (weeks after the episode 1 air date).

Rumors of Loki season 2 being renewed bubbled up in November 2020, so we can reason that the new season has been written in the time since that leak, and those rumors included a January 2022 start date for production. 

The actual production date is later, as a Backstage report broke the news that filming is slated for summer 2022.

Loki season 2 cast and crew

Everybody lived, it seems, to see Loki season 2. Yes, even though Sylvie stabbed He Who Remains, we saw Jonathan Majors' face on a giant statue at the TVA, replacing one of the Time-Keepers' heads. Therefore, we can't bet against anyone returning next season. Below you will find the likely/potential cast list, though nothing is truly confirmed. 

At D23, a report broke that Ke Huy Quan (Everything Everywhere All At Once) is going to be in Loki season 2 as a TVA employee.

We do know, though that Kate Herron isn't returning for Loki season 2, as she told The Hollywood Reporter. Herron's made it sound like she could have come back, saying "Marvel and Disney were like, 'Ah, man. This is excellent, and we want to keep going.'" But, as she notes, "as I would say that when I joined Loki, it was always going to be those six episodes."

She also talked about that scene of Loki as a king that wasn't used in season 1, "It was basically going to be in episode one because we had a lot of memories in that episode. But it was honestly a tonal thing. The scene was actually quite a funny scene, and it was really beautifully written. But he was about to see his mother die, and it didn’t feel right to have something so comical next to a gut-wrenching moment like that."

  • Tom Hiddleston as the Loki variant
  • Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie
  • Owen Wilson as Mobius
  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Judge Ravonna Renslayer
  • Wunmi Mosaku as Hunter B-15
  • Jonathan Majors as He Who Remains
  • Eugene Cordero as Casey
  • Tara Strong voices Miss Minutes
  • Richard E. Grant as Classic Loki 
  • DeObia Oparei as Boastful Loki
  • Jack Veal as Kid Loki
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