Justice League Snyder Cut start time: Here’s when you can watch on HBO Max

snyder cut release time
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Zack Snyder’s Justice League, or the Snyder Cut if you prefer, finally arrives this week. Fans have been campaigning for this ever since Justice League’s theatrical release, and the big day is almost upon us. 

In fact, in less than 24 hours time you could be sitting down with a bowl of popcorn to tune in. Early reactions and reviews have generally been positive, though the movie is clearly not without its issues. The 4-hour run time is a little too much for a lot of people, and it's very similar to the plot of the 2017 cut. So there shouldn't be that many surprises in store.

Warner Bros has already been very clear about where the Snyder Cut will be available to watch. It’s coming to HBO Max in the U.S., while UK viewers will be able to watch it on Sky or Now TV. But what you might not know is what time the movie will actually be available. 

Fortunately, that information has been announced. So if you want to watch the Snyder Cut as soon as humanly possible, here’s when you need to tune in.

What time is the Snyder Cut released in the US?

HBO Max has confirmed that the Snyder Cut will hit its library at 12:01am PDT and 3.01am EDT. That means if you plan on watching all four hours of the Snyder Cut right away, you’re going to have a long night ahead of you.

What time is the Snyder Cut released in the UK?

According to Sky’s own listings, the Snyder Cut will be broadcast on the Sky Cinema Premiere channel (channel 301), from 7 am local time. It’ll also be available on demand from 7:02am for Sky Cinema customers and people with a Now TV Cinema pass.

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