iPhone 13 Pro colors just tipped — here's the possible options

iPhone 13 Pro colors
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Get ready for a big change from the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max if the latest iPhone 13 rumor is true. A full list of iPhone 13 Pro colors have leaked, with only one color from the current iPhone lineup expected to stick around for the new models this fall.

The leak comes from the forums on Naver, a South Korean web portal, where a leaker has listed four new iPhone 13 Pro colors citing supply chain sources. PhoneArena, which spotted the post, claims the leaker has a pretty good tracker, though to be honest, he hasn't been on our radar before.

In other words, these rumored colors could be just that — rumors that never pan out when the iPhone 13 Pro does come out this fall. That said, the listed colors do square with what we've heard about Apple's plans from other sources.

Specifically, this new leak suggests we're going to see the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max in black, silver, rose gold and sunset gold colors. If true, that means only the silver option will remain from the iPhone 12 Pro lineup, which is also available in gold, graphite and Pacific Blue.

Of these rumored iPhone 13 Pro colors, we've heard about plans for black and sunset gold options previously. Back in March, leaker Max Weinbach said that the graphite color found in the iPhone 12 Pro would make way for a black matte finish, similar to the colorway Apple last featured with the iPhone 7.

iPhone 13 Pro orange

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As for sunset gold, that's the bronze option we've heard about previously. In that same Weinbach leak from March, bronze was among the various color choices Apple was reportedly testing.

An iPhone 13 Pro in rose gold would be a new rumor to us, though not necessarily a new color for Apple, which has turned to that pinkish-tinted gold color on previous phones. According to the PhoneArena report, this version would be a lighter shade than what Apple has used in the past.

Traditionally, the Pro models of Apple's new phones feature fewer color options, and the choices that are available tend to be more staid than what Apple uses for its less expensive flagships. This latest iPhone 13 Pro color rumor is certainly in line with that.

There's no word on the colors planned for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini in this report, but past leaks have suggested pink and orange versions potentially joining the mix.

Colors make up a minor part of the changes Apple is allegedly planning for the new iPhones, with the most significant enhancements seemingly coming to the iPhone 13 Pro lineup. Those phones are expected to feature fast-refreshing displays and improvements to the ultrawide angle lens. The iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13, meanwhile, will reportedly feature smaller notches and the new A15 processor — enhancements also slated for the iPhone 13 Pro models.

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