Massive iPhone 13 leak reveals everything Apple doesn't want you to know

iPhone 13 Pro colors
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The iPhone 13 Pro has been leaked and there's lots of exciting details about the next iPhone's design, cameras and more.

These juicy details come courtesy of Filip Koroy of EverythingApplePro, with the help of leaker Max Weinbach. The leaks focus on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, but Weinbach also shared some details on the size and inner workings of the Apple AirTags, and what to expect at Apple's April event.

iPhone 13 Pro design and colors

Apple's Graphite or Space Gray colorway is returning for the iPhone 13 Pro according to Weinbach, but in a new blacker matte shade. Koroy illustrates this by comparing it to the Phantom Black version of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

As for brighter options, Apple is apparently planning an orange or bronze version, with this edition having passed the first stage of product evaluation according to the leaks. Unfortunately, Weinbach says this color may not make it to the production iPhone 13, which would be a great shame given how good the orange iPhone looks in EAP's renders.

iPhone 13 Pro orange

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A minor but welcome change to the design discussed by EAP is a better fingerprint-resistant coating on the stainless steel rail around the edge of the iPhone. Anyone who's currently irritated with how smudgy the sides of the iPhone 12 can get will no doubt be jealous of this improvement.

iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 12 notch

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EAP also recaps recent rumors about the iPhone 13's notch. For the first time since the notch's introduction on the iPhone X, it's getting smaller. The notch on the iPhone is decreasing in width, thanks to new combined Face ID infrared sensors, with the front camera now sitting on the left side rather than the right as it currently does.

iPhone 13 Pro cameras

According to this new leak, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will both be receiving flatter rear camera modules, with lens protrusion and the square bump surrounding all three seeing a reduction in height. It wasn't particularly prominent to begin with, but this will help avoid the cameras catching on pockets or bag openings, and will allow the phone to lie flatter.

iPhone 13 Pro cameras

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Both the Pro and Pro Max versions of the iPhone 13 will use the same camera sensors and have the same depth for its camera bumps. This is noteworthy since the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max use slightly different camera arrays, with the Pro Max offering a marginally more powerful telephoto zoom and a larger, sensor-shift enabled main camera.

Within the cameras, we can apparently expect sensor-shift stabilization in the ultrawide camera, and a revamped optical image stabilization system. This allows the iPhone's camera to keep a subject in focus and centered in the frame. This will be an automatic process that doesn't require the user's input, Koroy explains.

Weinbach also reported that Apple has been undertaking major work on the iPhone's portrait mode. The new system will make use of the camera lenses and the LiDAR sensor (returned from the iPhone 12 Pro) to help make cleaner divisions between the subject and the background.

iPhone 13 Pro notch

(Image credit: EverythingApplePro)

iPhone 13 Pro audio

The last iPhone 13 Pro upgrade to mention is better audio from the iPhone 13's front microphone, as well as improved noise cancellation. This will be achieved via beam-forming according to the EAP video, letting the microphone detect and focus on the source of the desired sound, such as your voice.

iPhone 13 mini

The EAP video claims that in addition to the two Pro versions of the iPhone 13, there will still be an iPhone 13 mini. The fate of Apple's smallest flagship iPhone has looked shaky lately, after sales figures revealed the iPhone 12 mini sold poorly in comparison to the other three iPhone 12 models.

While the iPhone 13 mini will reportedly get a slightly larger battery than the iPhone 12 mini, most of its battery life improvements will be due to a new A-series chipset. Because current iPhones using an A14 chipset, it stands to reason that the iPhone 13's chipset will be named the A15.

Apple April event

We won't be seeing the iPhone 13 launch for a while - probably not until September. However, EAP revealed as a final detail what Apple will be showing off soon at its April product showcase.

There will apparently be three strands to the presentation: accessories, wearables and tablets. The accessories portion will center around the Apple AirTags, which Weinbach's report claims are tiny discs equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The wearables section is said to reveal new Apple Watch straps, while the tablet section will show off an updated iPad Pro 2021 model.

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