Google now lets you shop for sneakers in AR — here's how

AR shopping for Vans sneakers
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Google is getting set to make shopping during Black Friday deals slightly less daunting with some new handy features being rolled out to users. The new set of features applies to sneakers as of now and the next time you are searching for the perfect pair of shoes, Google will spring up a 3D view of the sneakers in front of you on the Search app. 

Google will display augmented reality 360-degree views of the sneakers so you can view the shoes up, close, zoom in on details and use AR to see what they look like in your own space. The feature was first announced at Google’s Search On event in September and is now being rolled out.

Gif of searching for sneakers in AR on Google Search

(Image credit: Google)

The feature only applies to a few brands like Saucony, Vans, Sperry, and Merrell right now but Google will add more sneaker brands like Puma in the future as well. This is not a new concept and we have seen this before on eBay and Amazon, which also offer 3D views of some products on their sites. 

In a blog post, Google says that “people engage with 3D images almost 50% more than static ones”. They have also announced a new cost-effective and less time consuming way to create these 3D images for merchants and mention that the new technology “can now automate 360-degree spins of sneakers using just a handful of still photos (instead of hundreds)."

To access the feature, you will need to use the Google app and search for a sneaker type, like “Shop blue VANS sneakers." Once the results pop up, you can tap on “View in my space” for certain images. You will now be able to see the shoes in your own space with AR as well as spin them around for a 360-degree view. While this is just for sneakers right now, we hope we get to see this in other categories like clothes as well.

 Beyond sneakers 

Google is also updating its AR beauty feature to make it more inclusive. It has rolled out a new library with 148 models that represent different ethnicities, genders, skin tones, skin types and age so shoppers will be able to better visualize what products would look like on them.

So if you search for a foundation shade, you will be able to see what that looks like on a specific model with a similar skin tone. Customers will then be able to choose which retailer they want to buy it from. 

Google Search: Other new features coming to your phone

Google had announced many other new features at its Search On event that are finally seeing the light of the day. 

A new “multi search near me” feature will now let you find your favorite dish by simply taking a picture or screenshot of the dish and finding it nearby. If you’re hungry for a specific dish and want to find it near you — you can also do that now to see what restaurants nearby have that item available.

So searching for “truffle fries near me” will point you to restaurants near your location that have those fries available and you can get more information on them like price or ingredients.

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