Netflix's Gears of War animated series and movie — everything we know

(R to L) Marcus Fenix and another soldier in Gears of War
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Toss a coin to your ... Delta Squad leader? A Netflix Gears of War movie and animated series are underway. How else do you try and stay near the top of the best streaming services list than bringing on one of the biggest video game franchises? Especially if it has a major box office star in the lead role ...

Yes, 15 years after the first Gears of War cash-grab for rights took place (New Line had briefly landed a deal, but nothing came of it) it seems like the popular video game series is actually, finally, going to get an adaptation. And if it matches the games, it will likely revolve around commando Marcus Fenix, his son JD and the Locust Horde they fight. 

This news come from The Hollywood Reporter, 16 years after the first Gears of War game arrived (Nov. 7, 2006). The plans, it appears, begin with a live-action movie. It's way too early to tell if this will be one of the best movies on Netflix, but we do expect it would have strong chances of dominating the Netflix top 10 list (If Sony's Uncharted movie can rank high there...).

The projects will be Netflix's latest foray into adapting IP connected to video games. This follows Netflix's The Cuphead Show! and Cyberpunk Edgerunners, its most recent game-to-show hits (its The Witcher series — which will lose Henry Cavill after The Witcher season 3 — is technically based on the books, not the games).

An adult animated series will follow. Then, as with The Witcher, if that's all gravy, Netflix Gears of War content will continue for a while. 

Netflix's Gears of War: Potential cast members

Dave Bautista announces he wants to be in Netflix's Gears of War movie

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Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista wants in on Netflix's Gears of War. On social media, the actor tagged Netflix and Gears of War's official Twitter accounts with a video of that one time he promoted his inclusion in Gears 5 as a playable character — wearing full COG Soldier attire. The video is captioned "I can't make this any easier."

Netflix's Gears of War: Release date speculation

Considering the fact that no cast, filmmakers or producers are connected to Netflix's Gears of War yet, we would not expect it to arrive for at least 2 years. Netflix's most recent action movie, Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead, took 2 years and 4.5 months to arrive, if you start tracking it once Netflix nabbed distribution rights.

A live-action Gears of War movie could even longer to produce, as the war between humans and the Locust Horde (reptilian hominids) on the world of Sera sounds more visual-effects heavy than man vs zombies in Las Vegas.

This is speculation, but we would expect the Netflix Gears of War movie for summer 2025, with a winter 2024/2025 release seeming slightly possible.

Netflix's Gears of War: potential plots

Sera, a planet similar to Earth, has been the site of conflict in the Human species that threatens to tear the planet apart. And that's before the Locust Horde just pop-out from Sera's the subterranean depths. 

Marcus Fenis, a commando working for the Coalition of Ordered Governments (COG), plays a role in both the pre-Locust Horde wars, starting with a quest to steal the Hammer of Dawn technology. This tool, developed by rival human faction the Union of Independent Republics (UIR), enables orbital-to-surface laser strikes. It was created by Adam Fenix, Marcus' father.

(R to L) Marcus Fenix and other soldiers in Gears of War

(Image credit: The Coalition)

After humanity finds a truce, the Locust Horde attack, practically wiping out COG forces. I won't go into the spoilers of how everything proceeds from there, but it's likely the start of a big plot point for the series. 

Later, Marcus has a son, James Dominic "JD" Fenix, who also joins the military. Through JD, we meet Kait Diaz, who has one of the other major stories in the Gears of War lore, that explores her own past and its ties to the Locust Horde.

Netflix's Gears of War outlook

A Netflix Gears of War movie makes all the sense in the world. Netflix has already shown a fondness for big-budget action movies — The Gray Man 2 is already confirmed — and a sci-fi video game movie would be new for the big red streaming machine.

It almost feels like that's the biggest risk, as it likely has a bigger budget. Netflix, already having proved itself with animated Cuphead, Witcher and Cyberpunk shows, almost seems more suited for the Gears of War animated series. Which is why we're surprised to hear that would come second. 

Either way, stay tuned to Tom's Guide as we track news about Netflix's Gears of War movie and series, as well as all the best shows on Netflix.

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