Galaxy Z Flip 3 leak says it has the same battery as the Z Flip

Galaxy Z Flip
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The Galaxy Z Flip 3 (or 2, depending) is on its way, and we're starting to see more leaks for it. A new leak claims that the Z Flip 3 will have the same total battery capacity as Samsung's first clamshell foldable smartphone, albeit split into two cells.

Rounding out at 3,300 mAh total, the leak says that the two battery packs come in drastically different capacities. We think that Samsung will put the bigger one in the bottom of the phone, leaving the smaller cell for the top half that folds in.

We caught word of this leak via SamMobile. The information comes from three regulatory agencies: Safety Korea, DEKRA and 3C. The larger main battery will have an estimated 2,370 mAh capacity, while the smaller one will be 903 mAh.

All told, that's close enough to 3,300 mAh, which matches the original Galaxy Z Flip's hardware. If this information holds true, then the batteries will be split between the upper and lower halves.

While we aren't too surprised about this development, early rumors about the device claimed we'd see a larger battery capacity in the new Z Flip. The original's battery life was so-so, but perhaps Samsung has made some improvements in hardware or software to extend the Z Flip 3's battery life.

We don't know a whole lot about the Galaxy Z Flip 3 (or 2) otherwise. Whatever Samsung ends up calling the phone, it will mimic the flip phone of old, giving it a distinctly different appearance from the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Among other things, we expect the Galaxy Z Flip 3 to feature an upgraded processor, a 120 Hz display, and 128GB and 256GB storage options. The phone may also feature a more durable, redesigned hinge, and improved display material to make the screen sturdier.

Samsung apparently has a lot of tricks up its sleeve for 2021, so we expect to hear more about the company's foldable plans soon. 

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