Reports of Morbius post-credits scenes have Spider-Man fans angry

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It feels like Morbius' post-credits scenes are a bigger topic of interest than the actual movie itself. The questions surrounding Sony's Marvel movies — how they connects to the Spider-Man movies — seem more important than the actual story of Doctor Michael Morbius, who gains vampire-like powers. The critics agree in their Morbius reviews.

Well, a series of unconfirmed reports have surfaced from various corners of the comic book movie-loving internet — reports that have fans practically irate. The title of the video we've embedded below —  "Sony Just Tricked All Spider-Man Fans" — should give you a glimpse into the rage at hand. But we've also got a bit of explanation as to why Sony's decided to do what it's doing.

That said, what follows will contain spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home, and alleged Morpheus spoilers too. So, you were warned!

Mobius' post-credits scenes controversy

The aforementioned "Sony Just Tricked All Spider-Man Fans" video comes from YouTuber Cris Parker aka 3C Films, who has conveniently packaged all of the leaks and speculation about Morbius' post-credits scenes and its ties to Spider-Man movies in the below clip.

The biggest issues is that it seems like many of the Spider-Man and Venom references, including the Oscorp building, are not in the actual movie. One of the most egregious instances — which is credited to leaker MyTimeToShineHello — is that the only appearances from Adrian Toomes (played by Michael Keaton) are in the post-credit scenes.

Yes, folks, one of those hotly anticipated post-credits scenes — which many wait patiently for — is something we've already kinda been spoiled on. Typically, these scenes are used to promote new characters or upcoming films. That could still happen, but this is disappointing. 

The big question, though, is what the hell is Keaton going to be doing? Are we getting the scene from the trailer? Or something different? Again, this report is all meant to be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism, because it hasn't been confirmed, and Sony could change things at the last second.

According to the leaker Twitter account Spider-Man News and countdown, which is apparently leaking out details, the first Morbius post-credits scene sees Adrian Toomes tell Morbius how he got in jail, while a second scene sees Toomes invite Morbius to join his group. Similar rumors have been around since last month, when leaker @GabiMG_News tweeted that Toomes offers Morbius a chance to join his group known as "The Six Sinisters."

That — aside from being a weird and wrong way to say "sinister six" — sounds like it could be enough to get fans back on Sony's good side. We're not sure.

Why Sony's scrubbed the trailer's Spider-Man references out of Morbius

Michael Keaton in a still from the Morbius trailer

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Another reason to prepare yourself for disappointment comes from another MyTimeToShineHello scoop: Morbius is apparently set in its own universe. That explains why all of the Spider-Man and Venom references from the trailer have been erased. 

This ties back to the reports around Madame Web, which appears to be an upcoming Sony movie that interweaves all of the Sony Spider-Man movies, which each exist in their own multiverse. 

That said, what if all of this comes true, and the litany of Spider-Man references in the Morbius trailer aren't there in the movie? We're guessing many fans may be upset and claim that Sony pulled a massive bait-and-switch.

Morbius comes out on April 1, 2022, and is a theatrical exclusive. So, expect to learn more closer to that date.

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