The Adam Project Netflix release date and time — when you can watch

(L to R) Walker Scobell as Young Adam and Ryan Reynolds as Big Adam in The Adam Project
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Not all summer blockbusters come out in summer, such is the case when Netflix's The Adam Project release date is in March. In this movie, which looks like Netflix has touched on something special (or at least made a family-friendly riff on the Rian Johnson film Looper), Ryan Reynolds is connecting with his inner child by going back in time to work with his younger self.

Reynolds plays Big Adam (aka Adam from The Future), who is going back in time to save the world, stop the invention of time travel and (also) solve his personal issues with his own father (played by Mark Ruffalo). Why are Adam's daddy issues so important? Well, it turns out his dad actually kinda invented time travel.

This would be Reynolds' second crowd-pleaser Netflix movie, following Red Notice. Both seem to fit in the "fun for all ages" category, due in part to the chemistry between Reynolds and newcomer Walker Scobell. 

The Adam Project, directed by Shawn Levy (Free Guy) is practically a spiritual follow-up to Free Guy. While promoting the film, Levy and Reynolds have explained that their bonding while making that previous film led to a desire to work together immediately thereafter. Will this be one of the best movies on Netflix? We're not sure.

It's more likely a fit for our best Netflix action movies category.

When does The Adam Project come out on Netflix?

(L to R) Ryan Reynolds as Big Adam and Walker Scobell as Young Adam in The Adam Project

(Image credit: Doane Gregory)

The Adam Project comes out on Netflix this Friday (March 11, 2022). It will release at 3 a.m. ET.

Later this month, Netflix drops Bridgerton season 2. Formula 1: Drive to Survive season 4 also comes out on Friday.


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The Adam Project trailers

The main Adam Project trailer shows how young Adam is getting thrown in over his head — chased by a flying jet with troops who are on hoverboards — in the back seat of a car with Big Adam and Laura (Zoe Saldaña), who Adam seems to be in a relationship with. 

Speaking of Laura, she's annoyed with Big Adam for making "parallel content" by meeting his younger self, which is a giant no-no in time travel. Young Adam asks if this is about the multiverse, which Big Adam denies. The trailer also emphasizes that Adam's mission is to stop the invention of time travel. 

The teaser trailer for The Adam Project keeps Big Adam in the shadows, first focusing on how young Adam keeps getting into fights. His mom doesn't know what to do with him, but Big Adam does.

The Adam Project cast

(L to R) Zoe Saldana as Laura and Ryan Reynolds as Big Adam in The Adam Project

(Image credit: Doane Gregory)

The cast of The Adam Project seems fairly simple, at least from this angle. You've got Ryan Reynolds and Walker Scobell as older and younger versions of our hero Adam Reed. Then Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo are Adam's mother and father.

Catherine Keener apparently plays a villain Maya Sorian, as the trailers show her trying to track Adam down. Zoe Saldaña is Laura, who seems to be both Adam's love interest and his partner in time crime.

  • Ryan Reynolds as Big Adam
  • Mark Ruffalo as Louis Reed
  • Jennifer Garner as Ellie Reed
  • Walker Scobell as Young Adam
  • Cathering Keener as Maya Sorian
  • Zoe Saldaña as Laura
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