Fitbit Charge 5 may have just leaked with lots of images — and first color display

Fitbit Charge 5 rumored image
(Image credit: EV Leaks)

We could have our first look at the Fitbit Charge 5, if images in a series of tweets are to be believed. Prominent leaker Evan Blass posted several photos of a new wearable, simply titled "Fitbit Charge 5," which show what could be Fitbit's next fitness tracker.

The images reveal a color display — which would be a first for the Charge line — as well as a sleeker design than the Fitbit Charge 4, and more akin to the newer Fitbit Luxe.

Blass' images are similar to one posted in July by 9to5google, which it said could be the Fitbit Charge 5, codenamed "Morgan."

The shape of the purported Fitbit Charge 5 is much rounder than the Fitbit Charge 4, especially along the sides and the top and bottom of each bezel. The photos also show an elongated section on each side, which could indicate that the Charge 5 might adopt some of the features found in the Fitbit Sense, such as an ECG sensor, which requires you to hold both sides of the device. 

Then again, it could simply be an advanced touch sensor; the current Charge 4 has a haptic button on its side to select on-screen menu options.

A color display on the Charge 5 would also make sense, as most of Fitbit's other wearables have adopted this technology. Only the Charge 4, the Inspire 2, and the Kid-tracker Ace still have black-and-while screens, and of those, the Charge is perhaps the most popular of Fitbit's devices.

Some of the images posted by Blass have Oct 23 on the device's display, which could indicate a possible release date. While the Fitbit Charge 4 was released in the Spring of 2020, an FCC filing could indicate that a new Fitbit will be announced in October.

 Blass did not post any pictures of the underside of the alleged Fitbit Charge 5, so it's hard to determine what sort of sensor might be lying underneath. But, we would expect that at the very least it will have a heart rate monitor and GPS. 

However, it does look like the Charge 5 could come in at least three colors — black, slate gray, and white — which would be a bit lighter overall than the Charge 4, whose colors (black, rosewood, and storm blue) are a bit darker. Blass did not post any photos of a potential Special Edition, which Fitbit has with the Charge 4. 

If the October 23 release date is to be believed, we shouldn't have much longer to wait until we know whether these images are real or not. But, a color display on Fitbit's flagship fitness tracker would more than make sense. While Blass has a pretty good track record of reporting accurate leaks, we'll have to wait and see if this one is true.

Mike Prospero
U.S. Editor-in-Chief, Tom's Guide

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