Falcon and Winter Soldier's final trailer is here — and it's awesome

Falcon and Winter Solider final trailer
(Image credit: Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is almost here — arriving Friday on Disney Plus — so what better time for the final trailer to get us fully hyped. And Disney gets this, releasing a tense clip that comes in at just under 2 minutes (which you can watch below).

The footage starts off with a lot of emotion about Cap's shield itself, as Sam's backyard target practice shows he's still coming to grips with the gift. The biggest change in this trailer, though, is emphasizing how cool The Falcon looks in air.

But then the trailer pivots away from our heroes to show that the U.S. Government is going in another direction, at a press conference. Of course, we don't see the official debut of John Walker as U.S.Agent, but all of the hints and visual cues are there. He's the new symbol of inspiration, a politician says, hammering home the big topic of the first half of the trailer — as Bucky talked to Sam about how much Cap's shield means to people.

The trailer then shows more of the teased brawl on top of big trucks, where Sam and Bucky square off against the hyper-strong Flag Smashers. In a series of fast-moving clips, we also see the return of Baron Helmut Zemo (Daniel Brühl), in a piurple ski mask. Yes, the dastardly villain of Captain America: Civil War is back, and he's not alone. 

Terrorists are attacking cities. Walls are broken by hand, and it's all going crazy. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier looks a lot more like a Marvel movie than the early WandaVision episodes did. So get ready, we're not in Westview anymore, Sparky.

In the warehouse we've seen in multiple press photos, Sam says "there doesn't have to be a war" to an unnamed character played by Erin Kellyman. She replies, "there already is," before getting chased out of the building. Of course, Emily VanCamp is also briefly seen, as she reprises the role of Sharon Carter. 

Again, though, this trailer doubles down on how cool The Falcon is as he soars through the skies and does all kinds of tricks.

Sam closes the trailer saying, "We look damn good, though," and we can practically hear a world of fans gleefully agreeing. 

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