Snyder Cut early reviews say it’s ‘best DC Movie ever’ — what the heck does that mean?

justice league snyder cut reactions
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Justice League’s Snyder Cut arrives on HBO Max this Thursday (March 18), ending a three and a half year campaign from fans to release the movie the way Zack Snyder originally intended. Of course, the main question we have is whether this version of the movie is worth watching.

Some critics and fans have already been able to see the four-hour movie this past weekend. There aren’t any reviews yet, but now social media embargoes have been lifted viewers have been making their feelings known. Fortunately for Zack Snyder, the consensus seems to be very positive. Some are even calling it the Warner Bros "best movie ever".

As noted below, we expect full reviews later today, but for now, it's good to see a positive overall tone from those with early access.

So don't load up the Snyder Cut expecting something completely new. It's the same movie, but there are going to be a lot of changes. Especially since Zack Snyder says only about an hour of his movie made the theatrical cut. 

And more good news: we get built in bathroom breaks.

The movie may not be perfect, but it is shaping up to be a big improvement on the theatrical version.

Of course there are many tweets calling the Snyder Cut an epic. And it sounds as though they're not just referring to the run time. Something that seems to be getting mentioned a lot - but not always as a criticism.

Naturally critics aren’t unanimous in their praise. Some of them didn’t like the film, while others didn’t quite buy into the excitement expressed by some other viewers.

It certainly looks like the Snyder Cut is not perfect. The general idea of the film is the same as the 2017 theatrical version, it’s very long, and it probably won’t win over any serious naysayers. But from the sounds of it the Snyder Cut is much grander in scope, and makes massive improvements to both characters and their motivation. 

Plus the villain doesn’t look like a scaly man in a weird helmet this time round. Not that he’s the only villain the League needs to contend with.

Zack Znyder’s Justice League reviews will be going up later today. So if you want more information on why the movie is the way that it is, then stay tuned to the internet because you don’t have long to wait. The movie hits HBO Max, and other international services, on March 18.

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