Eternals post-credits scenes — do you need to stick around?

Kumail Nanjiani, Gemma Chan and Lia McHugh in Eternals
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We have more questions regarding Marvel's Eternals' post-credit scenes than we do answers — but the good news is that we do have some answers. Especially for those who reach the end of the epic film (reportedly more than two and a half hours long) and need to make a decision. And those decisions begin today, as the film's got the same Thursday night screenings that big releases do.

And we're curious about all the hush-hush nature of this conversation, as right now the secrets of the Eternals' post-credits scenes seem to be kept for a greater good. One website we saw seemed to have posted a story about two actors in the movie's future in the MCU, and then took the article down. We're not naming names, but this is all very curious. 

If we're to take Marvel Studios exec Kevin Feige at his word (something we rarely suggest people do when it comes to anyone promoting a movie), then the Eternals post-credits scenes and the film itself will have world-breaking events. 

Specifically, Feige (in a promotional featurette) said  "the impact Eternals will have on the MCU will be nothing less than redefining the cinematic universe entirely." That's quite a way to hype the most imminent upcoming Marvel movie.

Are there Eternals post-credits scenes?

In a word? Yes. In three words? There are two. So yes, you should stick around in the theater.

In fact, director Chloé Zhao told Fandango "Don’t just stay for the first one — also stay for the second one, too. They are equally as important in weight, and both have big surprises for you."

And this is where we have to, again, poke at how much of an impact Eternals will have for the future of the MCU. The fact that both of these scenes are important and have weight? Sounds pretty important, so don't leave yourself needing a bathroom break at the end of the movie. 

What happens in the Eternals post-credits scenes?

This is the much harder question to answer, because most of the events of these scenes haven't been revealed by credible sources. And interestingly enough, that's stayed true through the day before the movie opened (Thursday, Nov. 4) — though we expect the flood gates to rush open late tonight when the movie's first public screenings exit.

We know of one thing that happens in one of the Eternals post-credits scenes. But since Walt Disney Studio’s President of Marketing Asad Ayaz is so hush-hush about this news — he tweeted "To our colleagues & friends in the press & fan community who will be watching #Eternals in the days ahead, please help preserve the experience of this incredible film. Please do not post spoilers and reveals that so many have worked so hard to protect," — we're not going to repeat the details here. We weren't asked to not share that detail here, but it just feels like a good idea.

That said, it's not a real secret. The folks at CNN published a big detail from the post-credits scenes the day after Ayaz asked for silence. You can learn more over there if you want. But it seems like the post-credits scenes will hold far more than that one piece of information.

In the aforementioned Fandango interview, Zhao reiterated what Feige said, noting "what happens in this film will have huge implications on the future." Which, we guess, is a great reason for everyone associated with Eternals to want to protect these secrets. As for her own reaction to Feige's comments about redefining everything, Zhao notes that audiences will be "discovering the origin of the MCU through the mythology of the Celestials," and gain "a new understanding of planet Earth’s relationship with the cosmos, and also with her own inhabitants."

A being similar to Eson the Searcher in the Eternals trailer

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Among the previously-introduced characters that will tie into Eternals is Eson the Searcher, a Celestial seen in the film Guardians of the Galaxy. He's that giant with six bright lights for eyes and a giant glowing weapon. He previously owned the power stone, and the trailers for Eternals makes clear he's due for a return.

Celestials, if you haven't read, created both the Eternals and the Deviants — who have been locked in battle.

As for what we think of that leaked news about the post-credits scene? Wow, it's certainly going to draw attention. But we don't think it makes a whole lot of sense. We don't even see a resemblance. 

Further, this is the kind of odd reveal and news that makes us wonder if someone, somewhere is fooling all of us. That headline is so out of left field that it seems like a different sport, to extend the metaphor.

Analysis: Eternals post-credits scene spoilers may seem more important than the movie

Ever since Eternals was announced, we've had questions. Specifically, why is Marvel making this giant, epic film which looks nothing like what we're used to? The Eternals have the same problem that many Marvel characters that were eventually turned into comic book characters have had: few people know who they are and even fewer seem to have a strong connection to them.

Aside from telling a specific story — of the people who are the original (they've been here for more than 7,000 years) super-powered beings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — Eternals appears to be a movie with intent for the future behind it. Which is the key issue many have with the MCU: these movies can often feel more like interlinking chains of a massive corporate cinematic project than stories of their own. 

Venom in the poster for Venom 2: Let there be Carnage

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And this is part of the reason people may be so ready for the spoilers. When we don't have an attachment to these characters, and going to a movie theater (Eternals is not going to be on Disney Plus) isn't exactly the free-wheeling adventure it used to be, the risk of feeling bad about being spoiled feels minimized. 

For example, when Venom 2's post-credits scene hype hit, those who didn't feel a strong connection to Tom Hardy's take on the massively-tongued character probably felt free to just Google it. That said, we've got our eyes out for any reliable leaks regarding the other details of the Eternals post-credits scenes. Feels like something big is afoot.

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