Why I just cancelled Disney Plus (and why I'm coming back in August)

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I recently terminated my Disney Plus account before it hit the third month so Disney couldn't charge me again. But thanks to news that broke yesterday, I found out that I'll be bringing my account back out of mothballs in August.

Yes, I'll un-cancel Disney Plus at the end of the summer because that's the next time Disney Plus will have a show I care about. That's when The Falcon and the Winter Soldier brings us the next chapter of Captain America's story.

We learned about this release window from a Disney earnings call that revealed the service now has more than 28 million subscribers. 

This time, I'm probably going to keep the account for much longer, too. The six episodes of Falcon and Winter Soldier will end right around the time Baby Yoda gets their next cup of tea, when The Mandalorian Season 2 arrives in October.

And after those eight episodes, WandaVision drops in December, meaning Disney Plus has a 5-month block of high-profile programming to keep people hooked.

Hopefully, Disney Plus also adds the correct format of The Simpsons (which it's supposed to) before then, so I feel like I'm spending this monthly $6.99 on more than one show at a time.

If you're wondering, I cancelled Disney Plus because The Mandalorian was the only thing it had that I really care about. Sure, I can say I am morbidly curious about the remakes of The Lion King, but as weeks passed after I finished The Mandalorian, and I kept skipping over Disney Plus apps to open YouTube or watch more Netflix shows, I realized I didn't actually need Disney Plus. 

There aren't enough hours in the day, to be honest. I tried to get into Jeff Goldblum's point of view, but it didn't click for me either. Oh, and I've got good news for High School Musical: The Musical: The Series fans: I just got an email from Disney Plus' media relations team that announced its second season has just started production, and it's slated for a late 2020 debut.

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