Asus teases first 27-inch OLED gaming monitor ahead of CES 2023

a photo of the Asus PG27AQDM gaming monitor
(Image credit: Asus)

Asus has teased its first 27-inch OLED gaming monitor, giving us a taste of what to expect from the PC hardware giant at CES 2023

The company’s ROG Global Twitter account teased the snappily-named PG27AQDM, posting a video that briefly shows off the monitor and notes its 1440p resolution and 240Hz refresh rate. The tweet also declared “1440p Endgame Monitor is here,” clearly championing how Asus sees OLED panels as the pinnacle of 1440p gaming monitors. 

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Now Asus is no stranger to OLED displays, having released monitors with such panels in 34-inch plus sizes. But what’s exciting here is that this is the first OLED gaming monitor for Asus that’s a more practical size for desktop gaming.

There are plenty of arguments to be had, but 1440p on a 27-inch monitor is basically the sweet spot for PC gaming. Such a size and resolution means the likes of Asus can make monitors that are more affordable than their larger counterparts or some of the best OLED TVs. And 1440p is a perfectly crisp resolution for a 27-inch screen, meaning 4K isn’t needed, and so a super-powerful PC isn't required to push all the pixels.

That’s a very good thing, as OLED tech hasn’t really penetrated PC gaming as much as it has with standard 4K TVs. While gaming displays have flirted with OLED and mini-LED panels, they are predominantly LCD-based, and thus miss out on the deep blacks, rich colors and contrast OLED can provide.

As someone who runs a PS5 and Xbox Series X through an LG C1 OLED, I can thoroughly support gaming on an OLED. There’s a real added depth to many games, especially the likes of God of War Ragnarok where there are some stunning vistas and visuals.

So I’m hoping we now get more OLED displays for PC gaming at affordable prices, so folks who favor mouse and keyboard over gamepad control can also benefit from the visual punch an OLED display can provide.

What’s more, with a 240Hz refresh rate Asus doesn't look like it's compromising on slick response times and smoothness from the PG27AQDM just to adopt OLED tech. In short, this could very much be one of the gaming displays to look out for in 2023.

Right now there’s no world on pricing or release date. But Tom’s Guide will be heading to CES in January, where we hope to get a closer look at the PG27AQDM and other tech Asus has in store.

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