Apple VR/AR headset just tipped to have MacBook Pro power

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Update: Apple VR/AR headset could use gloves or Apple Watch to sense finger gestures.

The Apple VR/AR headset has been tipped to arrive in early 2023, but there's plenty of things we don't know yet. Like, what sort of performance is the headset really going to offer? According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, it could be as powerful as a MacBook Pro.

Gurman revealed this information in the latest issue of his ‘Power On’ newsletter. Gurman's sources claim that the headset will come packing the new M2 chip, which can be found in devices like the new 13-inch MacBook Pro 2022

Previously, Gurman reported that the Apple headset would feature “Apple’s most advanced and powerful chips,” which would be more powerful than the M1 chip — and that was fairly new at the time. M2 would certainly fit the bill, and like the M1 it seems to be about balancing performance and energy efficiency.

That would prove beneficial for the VR/AR headset, where battery life is going to be a major concern. And it's easy to understand why Apple opted for the M2 chip, over the more powerful M1 Max and M1 Pro.

Gurman’s sources also tell him that the headset will pack in 16GB of RAM. Combined with the impressive M2 chip benchmarks, it seems that the device is not going to be short on performance. For reference the M2 13-inch MacBook Pro comes in 8GB, 16GB and 24GB RAM configurations.

In other words, this headset could easily rival your new MacBook Pro in terms of power. This is provided that the new realityOS software, a name Gurman reiterated in his newsletter, has what it takes to make the most of the hardware.

Gurman also claims that Apple is hard at work on the M3 chip, which could arrive as early as next year — powering a refresh of the 13-inch MacBook Air. Whether that will happen isn’t clear, but it sounds like the VR/AR headset might miss out.

Rumors currently say that the Apple VR/AR headset will arrive sometime in early 2023. Ming-Chi Kuo seems to think it could arrive as early as January 2023, while other more conservative rumors point towards a Q1 2023 reveal with the headset going on sale in Q2.

To read up on all of the rumored specs and features, check out our Apple VR/AR headset hub more all the latest info. 

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