Android 11 can save your phone's battery with this feature

Android 11
The Google Pixel 4 XL (Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Android 11 contains many secret features that are slowly being discovered by its professional and amateur enthusiast communities. 

Thanks to their investigations, we now know that Google’s next edition of Android will helpfully tell you if something’s gone wrong when you try to wirelessly charge your phone.

As found by user jotafett on Reddit, and then reported by 9to5Google, the Android 11 beta will flash a warning up if it detects that the phone isn’t properly aligned with the wireless charger. You can see how it looks in the screenshot 9to5Google took on a Pixel 4 XL below.

Android 11

(Image credit: 9to5Google)

Making sure your phone’s lined up with the charger is important for getting the best charging speed. You’ll get the best induction, and therefore the most battery charge over a period of time, if the coils in the wireless charger are right next to the coils in your phone.

If they’re not lined up, you will still get a bit of charge, but it will be slow and inefficient. That's not great since it could mean you might find yourself with less power than you hoped when you next pick up your phone.

Google has revealed the last few versions of Android at its Google I/O developers event in May, when we’re also expecting news about a mid-range Pixel 4a handset. We’ll then slowly see the Android manufacturers take up the new Android update, but the first major phone to make full use of its abilities will be Google’s own Pixel 5, slated for a September release.

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