How to wait in Starfield

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Knowing how to wait in Starfield is essential if you need to pass some in-game time. The wait mechanic is a regular fixture in Bethesda RPGs, and is included in both The Elder Scrolls and Fallout franchises. 

Particularly in The Elder Scrolls games, waiting is quite important, allowing you to skip time for missions that need to be done at night, but also allowing you to heal yourself. As such, waiting is bound to a key or controller button, and it's spelled out for you how to do so early on in the game.

In Starfield, waiting ostensibly isn't as important a mechanic and, as such, it isn't made clear to the player how to do it as part of the tutorial or early missions. However, if you find yourself wanting to pass some time, perhaps before starting a mission, it is possible, and is actually easy to do if you know how.

How to wait in Starfield

Waiting in Starfield is similar to waiting in Fallout 4. As such, it isn't bound to a key stroke or button press, and you'll need to find a chair or sofa to begin your wait. While it's technically sleeping, you can also use a bed to pass time, which will give you a well-rested XP gain buff!

1. Approach a chair/sofa/bed and press E (PC) or A (Xbox)

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Firstly, find and approach a chair, sofa or bed and press E (PC) or A (Xbox) to Sit/Sleep when prompted. 

2. Press B (PC) or Y (Xbox) to wait

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Now you'll be prompted on screen to wait. Press B (PC) or Y (Xbox) to begin waiting.

3. Set a time and press E (PC) or A (Xbox)

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The usual Bethesda wait/sleep box will pop up. Adjust the slider to set a time to wait or sleep, then press E (PC) or A (Xbox) to start waiting.

As usual with waiting in Bethesda RPGs, for some reason each hour takes a second or two to pass, so you're left waiting for your wait to complete, which is frustrating. Thanks Todd. As you can see, though, it's simple enough to do.

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