How to select multiple items with two-finger drag on iPhone

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Knowing how to select multiple items with two finger drag on iPhone is almost forgotten knowledge for Apple device users, but it’s something worth re-acquainting yourself with, or learning for the first time.

This is a feature that’s been usable on the best iPhones and best iPads for some time, but it’s one that Apple didn’t promote heavily, nor is it one you’re likely to find by accident. But it’s worth learning about since it can make managing long lists of items much simpler, letting you skip straight to selecting or deselecting multiple items.

It's unfortunate that the only apps that this gesture is guaranteed to work in are those Apple made itself. But that includes major apps like Mail, Reminders, Notes and Files, so you'll likely be able to find some use for it in your daily iPhone activities.

Read on for a guide on how and where to use this feature on your iPhone.

How to select multiple items with two finger drag on iPhone

The "Two-Finger Pan Gesture", and its ability to select multiple items, has actually been in iOS since iOS 13. It works on iPads too, but we'll be focussing on the iPhone for now.

1. Open an app that has drag to select enabled. This includes the default Mail, Reminders, Notes, Messages, Contacts, Reminders, Files and Shortcuts apps, but if you're lucky, some third-party apps may have implemented it too.

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For this example, I’m using the Files app.

2. With a list or grid of items, tap and hold with two fingers to enable the selection mode. Then drag your fingers across the screen to select other nearby items.

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This works if have a grid of items instead of a list too.

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3. If you select too many, just swipe back over the items you didn't want, and they'll automatically deselected.

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And that's the basics of it. Also, remember that the selected items don't have to be next to each other. You can lift your fingers off the screens, skip an entry or two and continue dragging your fingers from another point to select another group of items. 

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You can scroll as well by swiping to a single finger to drag the screen up or down, so you're not limited by what you can see on-screen when activating the drag to select mode.

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