How to quickly delete duplicate contacts in iOS 16

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It's worth learning how to delete contacts in iOS 16 because Apple's made it a lot simpler to sift through and get rid of people's details in the latest version of iOS.

Before, deleting a contact on the best iPhones meant opening up their contact card, selecting the edit menu, and then tapping the delete button at the bottom of the page. That's a whole three taps and a swipe up at least. But with the introduction of iOS 16, you can do it in just two taps, and without leaving the main Contacts list, making it easy to get back to sifting through your many friends, colleagues, family members and mortal enemies.

Read on to see the new, simpler way of getting rid of contacts in iOS, and soon you'll have a freshly weeded contact book with only the people you really need.

How to quickly delete contacts in iOS 16

1. First, open your Contacts app. You can do this by opening it directly through the home screen or App Library, or by tapping the middle tab at the bottom of the Phone app.

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2. When you've found the contact in question you want to get rid of, tap and hold until it pops out into the foreground with a menu of context actions. Now tap Delete Contact, which is helpfully highlighted with red text at the bottom of your list.

That's all there is to it! You can still go the long way around by tapping a contact to open their contact card, tapping Edit and then scrolling to the bottom of the page to delete it, but that's nowhere near as easy. If you know a contact has to go, the process above will let you get rid of them much more simply.

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