This awesome iPhone feature automatically hides new apps to keep your Home Screen tidy

iPhone 14 Pro shown from front displaying iOS16 home screen
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If you're anything like me, the last page of your iPhone's Home Screen usually features about 12 newly downloaded apps. Unless I'm super enthused about an app, after I've downloaded it, I usually can't be bothered to file it into a folder or relegate it to my App Library.

The result is an almost permanently cluttered home screen, with a stack of relatively unused apps on page 2, letting my neat folders down. 

Thankfully, there's a simple setting which allows you to automatically hide new apps once you've downloaded them. It doesn't conceal them or folder them, but simply downloads them to the App Library only. This way, they stay effectively hidden until you need them, or until you choose to add them to a Home Screen folder or position.

Sure, it's not ground breaking like some of the recently released iOS 16 features, but it is one of those subtle details that help make iPhones some of the best phones around. 

Turning it on is also super simple. Here's how.

How to automatically hide new apps on iPhone

1. Open the Settings app and tap Home Screen.

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2. Under Newly Downloaded Apps, tap App Library Only.

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3. To find your newly downloaded app, swipe left past your last Home Screen page to open the App Library. Either scroll down and find the app, or search for it using the search bar at the top. Alternatively, from the Home Screen, just swipe down to bring up the search bar and search for the app by name.

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Now whenever you download new apps, your Home Screen will stop looking like this.

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And stay looking more like this.

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