Don't like the iOS 16 home screen search button? Here's how to get rid of it

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You may not know how to get rid of the iOS 16 home screen search button, but the good news is if you don't like it, you can easily make it go away.

Now iOS 16 is available on all of the best iPhones, the new Search button is something you may have spotted in the bottom center of your home screen. While offering another way to open up the iPhone's device-wide search function is handy, you may have found it gets in the way when you're just trying to swipe between home screens, or just gets in the way of your well-chosen wallpaper. Apple obviously thought of people like you when adding it though, as there's a simple way to remove it in the Settings app.

This is hardly the most noteworthy part of iOS 16, not like the new iOS 16 lock screen customization or percentage battery indicator option or the ability to unsend your messages. But it's something you still have control over, so here's how to get rid of the iOS 16 home screen search button.

How to get rid of the iOS 16 home screen search button

1. In Settings, open the Home Screen section.

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

2. When you're there, toggle the Show on Home Screen section beneath Search so it's off (gray-colored).

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

3. Return to your home screen, where you'll find the search button has gone, replaced with the dots representing your available home screens as before.

Remember that if you want to access search while on the home screen, you can still swipe down anywhere to call up the search box. And if you find you do miss having the dedicated button available, then retrace the steps above and toggle the Show on Home Screen Search setting back on.

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