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Here’s how to fix the worst thing about iOS 15

An iPhone 13 Pro Max showing Safari in iOS 15 with the tab bar on the bottom of the screen
(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

iOS 15 introduces a host of excellent new features, but that doesn't mean it's perfect. One change, in particular, is proving to be divisive in the Tom's Guide office — namely the decision to move the Safari tab bar from the top of the screen to the bottom.

Not only does it look unnatural, but it could also make browsing web pages tricky, as you may find yourself accidentally activating the tab bar when scrolling down. But the good news is that it's easy to revert to the old design if you want to — and we'll show you how below. 

Of course, iOS 15 does have many positive upgrades, and you can read our full iOS 15 review to see what they are. In addition to improving the experience of using the latest Apple devices, such as the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max, it also breathes new life into older Apple products: its compatibility stretches as far back as the six-year-old iPhone 6s. 

But the decision to move the Safari tab bar to the bottom of the display is certainly a curious one, as is the move to display tabs in a grid from now on. That latter change can't be reverted, but thankfully the search bar can be set back to its rightful place with just a couple of clicks. 

Plus, after doing it for the first time Safari will default back to the tab bar being at the top from then on — so if you're not happy with the new approach, there's no reason not to change it. Here's how you do just that.

How to move the Safari tab bar on iOS 15

1. Open up Safari. On your Apple device with iOS 15 installed navigate to Safari; we're sure you know what it looks like, but just in case you've forgotten, it's the app with a blue and white compass icon.  

How to move the Safari tab bar on iOS 15 - 01

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2. Press the “aA” button on the tab bar. This can be found on the left side of the tab bar. Press it to bring up a submenu. 

How to move the Safari tab bar on iOS 15 - 02

(Image credit: Apple)

3. Click “Show Top Address Bar” in the submenu (it's the top option). 

How to move the Safari tab bar on iOS 15 - 03

(Image credit: Apple)

4. Your tab bar will now appear at the top of the display. It will now default to being at the top, rather than the bottom, from now on.

How to move the Safari tab bar on iOS 15 - 04

(Image credit: Apple)

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