This bed-making hack went viral — so I tried it myself

Duvet on bed
Duvet on bed (Image credit: Shutterstock)

We all want to make light work of domestic chores, and there are countless home hacks on social media promising to make life easier, and save precious time. They’ve ranged from the TikTok bathroom cleaning hack and toothpaste hack for removing permanent marker to the handy TikTok pillowcase hack that pulled in an incredible 15 million views. We’ve pretty much seen them all. 

But changing new bedsheets can often be time consuming. Not only does it usually involve a lot of grappling with the duvet to make sure it gets into the sheet properly, but we often end up with a crumpled mess and need to start over. Luckily, there seems to be a much easier way of doing this with a quirky, bed-making hack that has gone viral on Instagram. 

Dubbed the "burrito" method, it basically involves rolling your duvet up inside of the duvet cover, like the Mexican dish. (Yes, it's that simple!) 

The Instagram video was shared by Piglet in Bed and belongs to interior designer Rhiannon Johns. It’s captioned, “We saw this bed making hack circulating the internet and obviously we had to try it…have a go yourselves and let us know what you think?!” In the video, Johns demonstrates how to do the "burrito" method, 

Johns' bed-making tutorial quickly went viral and garnered more than 55,000 views. What’s more, it divided the internet with mixed opinions from those who praised it and others who feared the new approach would actually take even longer. One user said, “I feel like I need to watch this at least 25 times before I’ll figure out the ruck, '' while another added, “This is the only way I do it too! it’s so much easier.” 

The "burrito" method is actually an old hack that was originally shared on YouTube in 2016. The technique was so quirky that it somehow managed to do the viral rounds again this year.  So if you want to try your hand at this alternative, bed-making method, give the ‘burrito’ hack a try - you’ll either love it or hate it! 

 The ‘burrito’ bed-making hack — 3 steps 

White duvet on bed

White duvet on bed (Image credit: Shutterstock)

1. First, lay the duvet cover flat on your bed, inside-out with the buttons at the end of the bed, and then lay your duvet on top.

2. Start tightly wrapping the duvet cover inside the duvet (starting with the shortest side at the top), and wrap  all the way to the end just like a ‘burrito’ shape.

3. Then, open up the buttons and wrap one side of the buttons around the tube you have created. Once you’ve buttoned up the duvet, hold onto the sides and roll the duvet out.

A simple yet effective bed-making hack. If you enjoy cleaning or other hacks to make your life easier, be sure to check out our own TikTok videos.

What happened when I tried it 

After trying it out myself, I have to agree with the first camp. Wrapping the duvet cover in the sheet was an awkward task, and I couldn’t tuck the ends in snugly. In fact, the whole process seemed more effort than just doing it the regular way.

How often should you change your duvet covers? 

White bed being made

White bed being made (Image credit: Shutterstock)

The Sleep Foundation recommends that you should wash your duvet and bedsheets at least every two weeks. However, if you suffer from allergies or have pets, then you should wash once a week ideally.  

While you’re changing your duvet, check out how to wash a pillow or how to wash a weighted blanket for better bedtimes.  

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