How to find your MAC address on Windows 11

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Knowing how to find your MAC address on Windows 11 is essential for network-related tasks and troubleshooting. 

The MAC (Media Access Control) address is a unique identifier assigned to your device's network interface for communicating with other devices, but locating it on your computer can feel tricky. In this guide, we'll take you through simple steps to quickly find your device's MAC address. 

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How to find your MAC address Windows 11

Note: There are multiple methods to locate the MAC address, but we’re only covering one in this guide. 

1. Go to Settings > Network & internet > Wi-Fi/Ethernet

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Press Windows + I to open Settings. In the left pane, click Network & internet, and then click Wi-Fi (or Ethernet if you’re connected to one).

2. Click Hardware properties

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Click Hardware properties

3. Find MAC address

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Towards the bottom, you’ll find Physical address (MAC), which is expressed as a 48-bit hexadecimal number. 

What’s the difference between a MAC address and an IP address?

A MAC address and IP address serve different purposes. 

While the MAC address is used to communicate within the local network (LAN), the IP address is used for global and local network identification. It enables devices to communicate across different networks, including the internet. 

The IP address also changes when your device moves between networks, but the MAC address usually remains the same unless you use special software to change it. 

Now that you’ve found your MAC address on Windows 11, you can configure router settings, troubleshoot connectivity issues, or utilize MAC address filtering. 

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