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How to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for Ring cameras

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There have been numerous reports of Ring security cameras and video doorbells being hacked, and many of them revolve around one thing: Poor passwords. 

It's not just Ring, either. Owners of Nest, Blink, and other security cameras have also had their devices taken over by others, mainly due to reused and easy-to-guess passwords.

However, there's one other thing that would have made these home security cameras much more secure: Two-factor authentication. When enabled, this feature sends a verification code to a pre-assigned phone number or email address. So even if a hacker were to guess your password, they'd need either your phone or your email account in order to access your Ring account. 

Here's how to set up two-factor authentication for your Ring camera.

1. Open the Ring app, and open the menu on the upper left-hand side.

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2. Select Account from the menu.

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3. Select Two-Factor authentication.

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4. Press the button that says Turn On Two-Factor.

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5. Confirm your Ring email address and password.

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6. Confirm your phone number and press Continue. This is the number that the Ring app will send a verification code.

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7. Enter the verification code into the Ring app. You should then see this screen.

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You're all set. Your Ring camera now has two-factor authentication enabled. If you want to switch the phone number used, you have to first disable two-factor authentication, and then re-enable it with the new phone number.

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