Apple Maps is even better with this hidden iPhone trick

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Whether you're a long-time user or new, it's tough to keep up with all the features that iOS has to offer. While some offer ways to enhance your entertainment experience, like this trick that boosts your AirPods volume instantly, others are there to make using your device that little bit simpler.

One such feature is one that's hiding in plain sight in one of the iPhone's core apps, Apple Maps. It lets you zoom into a map with one hand, making it easier to use the app when you're jogging or are otherwise engaged.

This is a really simple trick, but one that will change how you use Apple Maps forever once you know how to do it. And even cooler, this trick also works in Google Maps. Here's how to do it.

How to zoom with one hand in Apple Maps

In map view, simple double tap on the screen and the map will zoom in slightly. To control the zoom level, double tap the screen but keep your digit held down on the second tap. You can now zoom in and out.

It's really simple, as demonstrated on our TikTok channel —which you should definitely follow if you haven't already.


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Really easy, right? Now you know how to zoom with one hand in Apple Maps, check out some other simple iOS tricks, including how to instantly kill every Safari tab on your iPhone and how to enable the hidden trackpad on iPhone or iPad. And be sure to take a look at new iOS 15 Apple Maps features coming to your iPhone. 

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