Your Nintendo Switch won’t connect to X for much longer — what you need to know

The X logo in front of a shot of Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch,
(Image credit: Nintendo/X)

I’ll tell you right from the jump, I’m not going to shed a single tear over this latest piece of Nintendo Switch X-related news. It turns out Elon Musk likes money a whole bunch. Actually, it appears he enjoys all of it. So it's no surprise The Big N is at least partially stepping away from the artist formerly known as “Twitter” from June 10.

Back in ye olden pre-X days, it was perfectly easy to upload and share screenshots from the handheld hybrid via the Nintendo Switch album feature onto Twitter. You could also seek out online chums on the social media platform by using the “Friend Suggestions” system, yet now both of these features are about to get thrown in the sea (thanks, Kotaku). 

As Nintendo elaborates in a support post, not only will screen and video-sharing go the way of the dodo when it comes to Musk's platform, but the ability to search for new gaming amigos though the Switch friend suggestions feature over X will also be withdrawn in June. 

Though players will still be able to share images and videos taken from the best Nintendo Switch games on Facebook, this service will also be discontinued at a later date — and don’t be shocked if said dates sync up with the launch of Nintendo Switch 2. 

With Nintendo taking a firm step away from Elon Musk’s platform, certain beloved games will become more affected on a granular level. Example? Splatoon 3 fans will no longer be able to post shots from the Splatsville, Inkopolis or Inkopolis Square locations to X. These update changes also mean Splatoon fans will no longer be able to look at paint-splattered images captured by gamers who are younger than 13. 

It’s yet another little jab in the ribs Mr Musk seemingly didn’t need to take. But hey, Musk gonna Musk. 

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