Nintendo Switch 2 leak reveals hardware details and reasons for launch delay — here’s what you need to know

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While Nintendo is often very secretive on its development it appears that some new information has given some context for the delay of the Nintendo Switch 2, as well as possible confirmation of some prior rumors regarding the hardware. 

While it was originally intended for release in 2024, there have been several sources that have stated that the Switch 2 has been delayed until at least 2025. However, known source Moore’s Law is Dead (MLID) has given some more context about the reason for the delay in a recent video. 

Supposedly MLID’s NVIDIA contacts have suggested that the SoC powering the Switch 2’s software has been ready for a while, but it is Nintendo that is holding back the launch, which would match other rumors that have stated that Nintendo wants to delay the launch to ensure console supply. 

Another NVIDIA source has stated that the information that was previously supplied by Digital Foundry regarding the Tegra T239 chip was “an almost correct summary." In that prior leak, it was mentioned that the Tegra T239 chip would be an octo-core CPU cluster that could feature a 128-bit wide memory bus, 8-12 GB of RAM and 102.4 GB/s of memory.

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Finally, according to MLID, it appears that AMD is bidding hard against NVIDIA for the Switch 2. This isn’t surprising considering the overall sales rates of the original Nintendo Switch, which has done well relative to other major consoles, and the fact that the Nintendo Switch 2 is likely to do just as well. 

However, the question of what this means for players is the most important aspect. While the initial stats appear quite weak in comparison to the PS5 they are more than enough for Nintendo's means. For the most part, this chip will make the console faster and will allow it to render more impressive visuals compared to the prior model, although this may be hindered if rumors about the Nintendo Switch 2 shipping with a lower quality screen are true. 

While delays are always annoying, they are also quite common in gaming. While we don’t have an exact date in 2025 for the Switch 2 release we will keep our ears to the ground and will keep you up to date with any changes. So keep an eye on our Nintendo Switch 2 rumors hub for any new information about the upcoming console.

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