Nintendo Switch 2 just tipped for late 2024 release — what we know

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We’ve been anticipating the launch of the Nintendo Switch 2 for some time now, but it is still almost a complete mystery. Reports have suggested that the console could launch at some point in 2024, and now a new rumor claims to have narrowed that down to the second half of the year.

A video from YouTuber Doctre81 cites a recent job listing as the source of this claim. The listing is for a Retail Marketing & Strategy intern, which mentions a big opportunity for enhanced work experience between June and August. It mentioned mentoring, networking opportunities and exposure to industry leaders from across the company. 

One of the things responsible for this would be a major marketing campaign, due to some kind of major launch. And the launch of a brand new console would certainly fit the bill. Though it’s unlikely that any new hardware would launch at the start of this window in June.

If we are talking about a Switch 2 launch, odds are that these three months will be when Nintendo is marketing the console the most aggressively. That way it could rack up the pre-orders ready for a launch around late August or early September.

That’s assuming that the listing is alluding to a Switch 2 launch, and not some other major marketing event. At this stage there’s no guarantee what it might be referring to.

Nintendo Switch 2 new games 

Of course a console would be nothing without a significant number of games to play on it, and the Switch 2 would be no exception. Thankfully, it seems that there may be some good news on that front. 

Insider Tom Hendserson has tweeted that we’ll be seeing games advertised as “Launching on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch 2, and PC a heck of a lot in the next 12-18 months”. Though it’s unclear what those games might be, this suggests that the Switch 2 would be powerful enough to handle games that run on both Xbox Series X and PS5. 

Then again, given how Mortal Kombat 1 looks on Switch compared to PS5, this doesn’t necessarily prove anything.

Someone posting to Fambiboards under the name Necrolipe also claims that Capcom will be releasing the next Monster Hunter game on Switch 2. It’s no huge surprise given Monster Hunter’s successes and the franchise’s close relationship with Nintendo platforms. But it is still great to hear about a new installment potentially coming to Switch.

The only question is whether it’ll be a Nintendo exclusive, or if it would also be coming to PS5, Xbox and PC. 

Now all we need to do is wait and hope Nintendo actually decides to announce the Switch 2 in the near future. In the meantime you can keep up to date with all the latest news and rumors in our Nintendo Switch 2 hub.

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