Purple Original vs Purple Plus: Which boxed mattress should you buy in Cyber Monday sales?

Purple Original vs Purple Plus Mattress comparison image shows the Purple Original on the left and the Purple Plus on the right, with a Cyber Monday mattress sales image overlaid
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Black Friday has been and gone, but the Cyber Monday mattress sales are in full swing — but you’ll have to be quick, because they won’t stick around for long. If you’re still pondering over which Purple mattress to buy, we’ll help narrow down your choice in this Purple Original vs Purple Plus comparison piece. 

Like some of the best mattresses, both models are made up of an all-foam construction. However, there are several key differences that can make all the difference to your sleep experience. The Purple Original is a great budget mattress ideal for back and side sleepers who want a medium-firm mattress with superb pressure relief. Meanwhile, the Purple Plus is designed to be soft, supportive, and cooling making it a great choice for couples and hot sleepers. 

Now is your very last chance to buy both mattresses with a Cyber Monday discount, with savings reaching up to $200 off the Purple Original and a generous $300 off the Purple Plus at Purple. You can have a read of both our Purple Original mattress review and Purple Plus mattress review for more in depth analysis of the two. But if you’re looking for the key differences between both models, read on for our Purple Original vs Purple Plus Mattress comparison piece… 

Purple Original vs Purple Plus: Cyber Monday sale price

Cyber Monday is your very last chance to get the best deal on a Purple mattress, with discounts reaching up to $300 off the Purple Plus. 

Purple regularly offers $200 off their Purple Original mattresses and this Cyber Monday is no different. You can get the queen size for a cost of $1199 (it was $1399). Right now, you can buy a queen size Purple Plus for $1,595, which includes their usual $300 off discount. 

While we would have liked to see something additional from Purple this year, $200 and $300 respectively is still a decent discount. It is also worth keeping an eye on our mattress sales hub, as Purple do have some good deals on their accessories too with their Purple Harmony Pillow down to $159 from $199 and the Purple TempBalance Duvet priced at $171 from $229, which is a must-have if you want a duvet that’ll keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  

Purple Original: $1,399 $1,199 atPurple

Purple Original: from $1,399 $1,199 at Purple
This year's Black Friday deal sees the queen size Purple original mattress reduced to $1199, which is a saving of $200. This is a fabulous buy for back and side sleepers who are looking for a comfortable and durable mattress at a reasonable price point. When you buy a mattress from Purple you get a generous 100-night trial and 10-year warranty. They even offer free delivery. 

Purple Plus:$1,895$1,595 atPurple

Purple Plus:  from $1,895 $1,595 at Purple
Black Friday deals at Purple don’t come much better than this. A queen-size mattress has been reduced to $1,595 from $1,895, giving a saving from $300. This mattress is the ideal choice for couples thanks to the epic Ultra Comfort Foam that isolates movement and keeps the mattress cool and fresh all night long. When you buy from Purple, you get a 100-night trial where you can return the mattress at no extra cost, and it comes with a 10-year warranty. 

Purple Original vs Purple Plus: Main benefits

Purple Original consistently ranks highly in our best mattress in a box guide and our top cooling mattress roundup, thanks to its unique layer of GelFlex grid that promotes perfect airflow as well as offering additional comfort. The Purple Original and Purple Plus mattresses share many of the same benefits, but the Plus benefits from two extra features, including a dual layer of Base Support foam instead of a single layer and a breathable Ultra Comfort Foam layer.  

Purple Original vs Purple Plus Mattress: Diagram showing internal layers of Purple Original mattress, when a person is lying on it

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Both mattresses are suitable for all types of sleeper, but the Original is especially good for side and back sleepers who like to lie on top of the bed instead of sinking too far in. The Purple Plus, on the other hand, has been designed for side sleepers as the GelFlex layer has 5 inches of polyfoam, which is much more responsive and hugs the body in all the right spots, offering relief on pressure points, including shoulders and hips. 

Both mattresses are a six on the ten-point firmness scale, making them medium firm, but some sleepers may find them both a little too firm until they get used to it. Both mattresses are ideal for couples, but the Purple Plus has additional cooling properties and a thicker foam layer to isolate any movement from restless sleepers. 

Purple Original vs Purple Plus mattress: Design

The Original is the first and most cost-effective mattress in the Purple range. It is 9.5 inches in height and made up of three layers, offering a medium-firm comfort level. The first layer is Purple’s patented Purple Grid technology, which is a hyper-elastic polymer grid that is highly durable and adapts to body type and sleep position. 

The next two layers are made using polyurethane foam; the second layer is 3.25 inches, and the third is 4 inches. It’s a good all-round mattress for side, back, and stomach sleepers. The Purple grid technology also works to help sleepers stay cool overnight. 

Purple Original vs Purple Plus Mattress: Woman in bed lying on Purple Plus mattress

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The Purple Plus has a similar makeup to the Original but it stands at 11-inches in height. This is made up by the extra two layers that is really good news for side sleepers as it makes it super responsive and really hugs the body. The Ultra Comfort Foam layer also offers more cooling properties and dissipates heat, which is especially good news if you’re a hot sleeper or share your bed. The base support foam layer promotes good spinal alignment, making it perfect for anyone who has aches and pains. 

Purple Original vs Purple Plus mattress: Comfort & support

The Purple Original is the first mattress to have the scientifically engineered Purple Grid. This mattress works really well for side and back sleepers as it contours perfectly to your curves, so you don’t feel the usual build-up in your pressure points. It also has additional lumbar support thanks to its medium-firm rating, which is ideal for those who like to feel a little bounce without feeling as though they’re sinking into the mattress. 

Purple Original vs Purple Plus Mattress: Purple Grid with people leaning on it

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The main difference between the two mattresses is the thickness. The Purple Plus is two inches thicker, and the additional two layers make it feel plush and luxurious. It’s a really good choice for side sleepers who naturally gravitate to the edges of the bed because the edge support is superb. It’s also a great choice for couples because the base layer offers a firmness that means you won’t feel any movement from restless sleepers.

Both Purple mattresses are ideal for anyone who suffers from allergies or irritations as they are made using materials that are CertiPur-US® certified, meaning that they are free from harsh chemicals.

Purple Original vs Purple Plus mattress: User reviews

Consumer reviews for both mattresses are, overall, excellent. The Purple Original has 4.5 out of 5 from nearly 30,000 users on the Purple website. Many customers praise how the mattress has helped soothe aches and pains. 

There is also a lot of positive commentary surrounding how the Purple mattress helps maintain a good body temperature, leaving them waking up cool each morning. Another positive that is brought up a lot is how good the Purple mattress is when it comes to value for money, which makes the Cyber Monday savings on this mattress even more impressive. 

Purple Original vs Purple Plus Mattress: A woman with dark hair and dressed in lilac coloured pyjamas sits on the edge of the Purple Plus Mattress Purple Plus Mattress

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The Purple Plus also has rave reviews. According to customer feedback on the Purple website, customers have labeled this mattress as being great for couples. Customers also find the GelFlex grid perfect for supporting all sleeping positions, leaving them experiencing their best sleep ever. Additionally, there is a lot of praise from customers who have said this mattress has eased their back and joint pain. 

Purple Original vs Purple Plus: Which should you buy?

Buy the Purple Original if...

✅  You suffer from back and joint pain: The Purple Original uses patented GelFlex Grid and Comfort Foam to cradle the body and alleviate discomfort, providing a unique pressure-relieving experience, making it ideal for anyone who wakes up feeling achy and sore. 

✅  You sleep hot: The innovative materials used by Purple help to dissipate heat, making sure that you have a cool and comfy sleep regardless of the temperature outside. 

✅  You want a premium mattress at a budget price: The Purple Cyber Monday sales see you saving from $200 on the Purple Original mattress but they remain at a reasonable price point throughout the year. 

Don't buy the Purple Original if...

You need a longer trial: Purple only offers a 100-night trial on their mattress, whilst this should be long enough to know whether you like it or not, you may want a longer time period to test it out.

You're a heavier build: Heavy sleepers may not get the best out of the pressure-relieving properties. For sleepers over 230lb, they may find they sink too far into the gel grid, leaving them with hip pain, especially if they’re side sleepers. The Purple Hybrid is a better option in this case.

Buy the Purple Plus if...

You’re a restless sleeper: If you move around a lot at night or you sleep with a restless partner, then you’ll find this mattress perfect. The gel grid is super responsive, making it easy to change sleeping positions and preventing the feeling of being stuck in the mattress.

Superb edge support: If you tend to sleep on the edge of the bed the firm, sturdy construction of this mattress means you won’t notice any dipping or sagging. 

Excellent airflow: There is nothing worse than waking up feeling like you are overheating. The open structure of the GelFlex Grid is designed to promote airflow and a cool sleep surface and keep you feeling warm and cozy in the winter and cooler in the summer months. 

Don't buy the Purple Plus if...

You're a stomach sleeper: If you’re a stomach sleeper, then you may find that this mattress is too soft to offer adequate support. It comes in at a medium-firm on the firmness scale, but the additional foam layers make this feel a lot softer than the Original.

You're on a budget: This mattress is currently on offer thanks to the Cyber Monday sales, and a queen mattress can be purchased for $1,595, down from $1,895, but it is still more pricey than the Purple Original, which is currently priced at $1,199 down from $1,399.

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