Avocado Green vs Awara mattress: Their cheapest natural beds compared

Avocado Green vs Awara Mattress comparison image shows the Avocado Green mattress on one side and the Awara Natural Hybrid on the right
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If you’re looking for a mattress that’s great for your sleep and the planet, you may want to try an organic bed. Fully certified organic beds are more expensive than standard mattresses as a lot of work goes into sustainably sourcing certified-organic materials, but Avocado Green and Awara Sleep each make a budget option that won't dent your bank account too much. 

In this Avocado vs Awara mattress comparison, we're looking specifically at the Avocado Eco Organic and the Awara Natural Hybrid. These are some of the best mattresses around for your health, thanks to their non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials. In fact, many of the best organic mattresses are an excellent choice for people with allergies and sleep issues such as night sweats and overheating.

A couple of years ago, Avocado Green launched the Eco Organic Mattress. Not only is this the brand’s cheapest models for adults, it’s the most affordable fully certified organic mattress made in America. And right now it's even cheaper thanks to the latest Avocado mattress deals and sales that enable you to save 10% on the Eco Organic Mattress with prices from $699 at Avocado Green ahead of this year's Presidents' Day mattress sales.

The Natural Hybrid is Awara Sleep's most affordable mattress, with a twin size reduced to just $649 at Awara Sleep. Both 10” beds are their respective brand’s best budget options and are made of Dunlop latex and coils, but there are some key differences to consider when choosing between the Eco Organic vs Awara Natural Hybrid Mattresses to find the best hybrid mattress for you. Here we look at each bed in terms of design, temperature control, firmness, comfort and price and how they stack up against one another.

Avocado Eco Organic vs Awara Natural Hybrid mattress: Specs

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Row 0 - Cell 0 Avocado Eco OrganicAwara Natural Hybrid
Row 1 - Cell 0 Row 1 - Cell 1 Row 1 - Cell 2
MaterialsDunlop latex, coils, organic cotton and wool Dunlop latex, coils, organic cotton and wool
Firmness5 out of 10 (medium firm)8 out of 10 (firm)
Trial period100 nights365 nights
Warranty10 yearsLifetime
PriceFrom $777 (MSRP)From $1,299 (MSRP)

Avocado Eco Organic vs Awara Natural Hybrid mattress: Price, trial

The Awara Natural Hybrid mattress shown in an orange bedroom

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The Avocado Green Eco Organic holds the title of America’s most affordable fully certified organic mattress. At $777, the MSRP of a twin Avocado Eco Organic mattress is much lower than a twin size Awara Natural Hybrid at $1,299. However, Awara Sleep is currently holding a big winter sale, which reduces a twin size to just $649. Avocado mattress deals and sales, on the other hand, are very rare.

In fact, even with the current 10% off discount that reduces a twin to $699, the Eco Organic is now more expensive than the Natural Hybrid. The Natural Hybrid also comes with more generous benefits, such as a lifetime warranty and  a year-long sleep trial. However, we can’t guarantee that Awara Sleep’s big winter sale will last forever, so it’s best to look at these two beds in the same price bracket.  

In terms of sleep trials, Awara Sleep is the better option, offering a full year's sleep trial versus 100 nights from Avocado Green. To be clear, our mattress experts recommend sleeping on a mattress for at least 30 consecutive nights to give your body a chance to get used to it, so both brands offer much more than that.

The warranties are starkly different too, with Awara Sleep offering a lifetime warranty versus a 10-year warranty at Avocado Green. 

however, both brands offer white glove delivery for an additional fee, which is a premium service that will both set-up your new mattress and remove your old one — a great perk if you don't know how to get rid of your old mattress.

Avocado Eco Organic Mattress: $799$699 at Avocado Green

Avocado Eco Organic Mattress: from $799 $699 at Avocado Green
America's cheapest fully certified organic mattress is currently on sale with a rare 10% saving at Avocado Green with the code HOLIDAY. That drops the price of a queen size Avocado Eco Organic to $1,169 (was $1,299), making it extremely competitively priced. You'll also get a 100-night trial, free shipping and a 10-year warranty.

Awara Natural Hybrid mattress:$1,299$649 at Awara Sleep

Awara Natural Hybrid mattress: from $1,299 $649 at Awara Sleep
Awara Sleep runs monthly mattress sales so you'll never have to pay full MSRP for the Natural Hybrid. Ahead of Presidents' Day, you can buy a queen size Awara Natural Hybrid for $949 (was $1,699), which is a huge saving on a top-rated natural hybrid. You'll also get a 365-night sleep trial, free shipping and a lifetime warranty. Superb value.

Avocado Eco Organic vs Awara Natural Hybrid mattress: Design

Both the Eco Organic and Natural Hybrid are 10” hybrid mattresses made from a combination of a 2” layer Dunlop latex and an 8”  layer of encased coils, plus breathable organic wool and organic cotton covers. However, there are some differences in the construction of both beds.

The Eco Organic’s breathable cover is made from GOTS-certified organic cotton and wool, while it’s 8” layer of over 900 coils are extra thick for greater durability, made from recycled steel, and encased within food-grade, non-toxic fabric (which is designed to limit motion transfer for couples).

The 2” layer of Dunlop latex is GOLS, Rainforest Alliance and FSC-certified organic — a lot of eco-friendly credentials packed in such a small price. To top it all off, the mattress is MADE SAFE certified.

Avocado Eco Organic Mattress

(Image credit: Avocado Green)

Meanwhile, the Natural Hybrid also has an organic cotton and wool cover and Rainforest Alliance, FSC-certified latex, but lacks the GOLS, GOTS, and MADE SAFE certification. However, its design does beat the Eco Organic in terms of ease-of-set-up. This bed comes with a bottom cover with four handles, so it's easier to move, flip, and rotate. 

Latex and coils are much more breathable, cooling materials than memory foam (or any kind of foam, really), so both mattresses are designed for a refreshing sleep. While the Eco Organic has coil layers for airflow, moisture-wicking wool, and heat-dissipating latex, our testers deemed the Natural Hybrid to be safe for hot sleepers. 

In our Awara Natural Hybrid mattress review, even the warmest sleepers among our reviewers woke refreshed and dry thanks to the innerspring-latex construction. If you sleep very hot, read our best cooling mattress guide.

Avocado Eco Organic vs Awara Natural Hybrid mattress: Firmness

Dunlop latex is much firmer (not to mention cheaper, eco-friendlier, and more durable) than talalay latex, but each mattress has a different level of firmness. The Eco Organic is much softer than both the Natural Hybrid and Avocado’s best-known mattress, The Avocado Green Mattress. It’s rated medium firm (5 out of 10) by Avocado, and is designed to be ideal for side sleepers. 

However, Avocado Green claims the Eco Organic is also suitable for back and stomach sleepers — but at 5/10 on the firmness scale we disagree with that. 

On the other hand, the Natural Hybrid is rated a 7 out of 10 by Awara, but we give it an 8 out of 10. Our testers of all shapes, sizes and sleep positions found it to be supportive (especially for back and stomach sleepers, but suggested that those who prefer a plush, body-hugging feel or have lightweight, petite bodies will probably find this mattress too firm. 

Avocado Eco Organic vs Awara Natural Hybrid mattress: Comfort

Latex has a lot of buoyancy, which means you're less likely to feel the movement of a restless partner when sharing a bed. Encased coils are also great at limiting motion transfer compared to un-wrapped coils found in traditional innerspring beds.

While both mattresses have these motion-absorbing features, our testers found the buoyancy of the Natural Hybrid to be less than ideal, and suggested buying a mattress topper to fix this issue or else be disturbed by your partner’s tossing and turning in the middle of the night. 

Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress in a bedroom

(Image credit: Awara)

In terms of feel, the Natural Hybrid does deliver on it’s promise of contouring support for mot sleepers, but its solidness does take some time to get used to and those who like the sink-in softness of memory foam will find it too firm. 

The Eco Organic on the other hand, is designed to be much softer than its other mattresses and the brand recommends it to side sleepers who need some pressure relief. Heavier bodies and stomach sleepers may feel unsupported however, which could lead to spinal misalignment and lower back pain. 

Avocado vs Awara mattress: Which should you buy?

Buy the Avocado Eco Organic mattress if...

✅ You sleep on your side: The Eco organic is much less firm than both the Awara Natural Hybrid and Avocado’s own Avocado Green Mattress. At a 5 on the firmness scale, this medium-firm bed is ideal for side sleepers, lightweight, petite bodies, and those who prefer a sink-in soft feel.

✅ You want the eco-friendliest option: GOTS, GOLS, Rainforest Alliance, FSC and MADE SAFE organic certifications? That a lot of eco-friendly credentials packed into such a reasonable price tag. This bed has a much higher level of organic certifications than the Natural Hybrid, so opt for this bed if you want the most sustainable choice. 

✅ You share with a combi sleeper: In our tests, the Awara Natural left much to be desired when it comes to motion isolation, so choose the Eco Green if you don’t want the buoyancy of the firmer mattress.

Buy the Awara Natural Hybrid mattress if... 

✅ You sleep hot: For a bed that isn’t technically a cooling mattress, our testers were impressed by the moisture-wicking, air-flowing, and heat-dissipating properties of this mattress.

✅ You sleep on your back or stomach: While we found this mattress supports all sleep positions, the Natural Hybrid’s firmness levels makes it sturdy enough for stomach sleepers, back sleepers, and those with heavier builds.

✅ You have back pain: The latex foam is both firm and body-adapting, so you feel immediate support that will alleviate joint pressure while keeping your spine properly aligned. In fact, we think it's one of the best mattresses for back pain.  

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