7 top new movies to watch on Netflix, Prime Video, Max and more (July 2-8)

Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley in a promtional image for "Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F" streaming on Netflix this week
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It's going to be a busy week with new movies arriving across the best streaming services. Over the next few days just about every major platform has something fresh to offer subscribers including Netflix, Prime Video, Max, Peacock and Hulu. 

The biggest new movie this week is a toss-up between “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F” on Netflix and “Space Cadet” on Prime Video. Both should interest viewers looking for an enjoyable comedy to cure the mid-week blues. Meanwhile, we’re also set to see the streaming service debut of two theatrical releases as “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire” and “Back to Black” head over to Max and Peacock respectively. 

If you’re wondering what new movies you can stream this week, then you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find a full round-up of the biggest new offers across the most popular platforms. For more recommendations, check out the best new TV shows that you can watch this week and the 3 movies in the Netflix top 10 worth watching

'Kidnapped: The Abduction of Edgardo Mortara' (POVD)

KIDNAPPED: THE ABDUCTION OF EDGARDO MORTARA Official Trailer | Mongrel Media - YouTube KIDNAPPED: THE ABDUCTION OF EDGARDO MORTARA Official Trailer | Mongrel Media - YouTube
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A historical drama based on an abduction that shocked the world and became known as The Mortara Case. Set in 19th century Italy, “Kidnapped: The Abduction of Edgardo Mortara” sees the eponymous young boy, the sixth child of a Jewish family, secretly baptized by his Christian maid, this alone would have been a scandal, but several years later the boy is taken from his family by orders of the Church to be raised as Christain in Rome. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Marco Bellocchio, “Kidnapped: The Abduction of Edgardo Mortara” was selected to compete for the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. 

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'Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F' (Netflix)

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube
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It’s taken the best part of 30 years to get the next installment in the “Beverly Hills Cop” franchise off the ground (development on this third sequel to the 1984 original started in the ‘90s). But finally, after many delays, false starts and production hiccups, Axel Foley is returning to his old beat, and this time his latest adventure is skipping theaters in favor of a direct-to-streaming release on Netflix. 

Of course, recasting the iconic Axel Foley would have been practically unthinkable, so Eddie Murphy is back in the lead role for another spin as one of his most beloved comedic characters. This fourth installment jumps the action forward to the modern day and sees the wise-cracking detective return to his old stomping ground to investigate a threat to his daughter’s life. Teaming up with her ex-boyfriend (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), the two find themselves on the trail of a major conspiracy and need to recruit some old pals to help. 

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'Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire' (Max)

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire | Official Trailer 2 - YouTube Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire | Official Trailer 2 - YouTube
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2023’s “Godzilla: Minus One” taught viewers that movies about skyscraper-sized monsters don’t have to be mindless popcorn flicks but can instead be driven by strong characters, an emotional narrative and thoughtful themes. “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire” puts that lesson to one side, and says “Look at this giant lizard and oversized ape smashing stuff, isn’t that cool?” And to the movie’s credit, it makes a pretty convincing argument on that basis.  

While “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire” puts far more stock in brawn than brains, and packs some of the most bland human characters in the franchise's history (quite an achievement considering 2019’s “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” exists), it’s a mostly enjoyable blockbuster. 

I was disappointed that the two eponymous monsters share very little screentime — they are wrecking shop in separate locations for the majority of the film’s two-hour runtime — but I can’t deny the simple pleasure of seeing a behemoth flatten a city. 

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'Space Cadet' (Prime Video)

Space Cadet - Official Trailer | Prime Video - YouTube Space Cadet - Official Trailer | Prime Video - YouTube
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Rex (Emma Roberts) is pretty much the last person you’d expect to find in NASA’s uber-selective space program, but after doctoring her application the party girl and proud slacker finds herself in training alongside candidates who are far more qualified on paper. However, while she’s anything but your typical astronaut, Rex might have the street smarts and moxie that NASA needs at this moment in time. 

I’ll just come right out and say what we’re all thinking — the premise for “Space Cadet” is very stupid. In reality, a forged application would be detected in seconds, and Rex would be thrown out of training within moments of arrival. But, this Prime Video original isn’t attempting to spin a realistic yarn. Instead, it looks like a light and breezy comedy that has fun with its outlandish plot. Although, I’m concerned by the lack of laughs in the trailer.  

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'Back to Black' (Peacock)

BACK TO BLACK - Official Trailer [HD] - Only In Theaters May 17 - YouTube BACK TO BLACK - Official Trailer [HD] - Only In Theaters May 17 - YouTube
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Director Sam Taylor-Johnson brings the troubled life of British soul singer Amy Winehouse to life in this musical biopic that explores her trailblazing career, struggles with addiction and tumultuous relationships with ex-husband Blake (Jack O’Connell) and father Mitch (Eddie Marsan). The recording of her 2006 album, from which the movie takes its name, is also covered in detail, as well as Amy’s many less-than-positive experiences with the paparazzi. 

“Back to Black” received a bit of a roasting from critics. It has a very poor 33% score on Rotten Tomatoes, but its audience rating is significantly higher at 86%. I have my own issues with the movie, largely agreeing with the common criticism that the film glosses over the truly dark parts of Amy’s difficult life, but there is one reason I still recommend watching and that’s the committed performance of Marisa Abela in the leading role. Just be sure to watch the truly fantastic A24 documentary “Amy” afterward for a much deeper insight into Amy's tragically short life.    

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'The Monk and the Gun' (Hulu)

The Monk and The Gun 92024) | Official Trailer | Only In Theaters February 9 - YouTube The Monk and The Gun 92024) | Official Trailer | Only In Theaters February 9 - YouTube
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On the surface, “The Monk and the Gun” might seem like a farcical action-comedy in the vein of 2011’s “Hobo with a Shotgun, but that assessment would be wide of the mark. This Bhutanese movie from director Pawo Choyning Dorji is not a gore-fest about a religious man on a rampage with a firearm, but instead, a thoughtful comedy-drama that was shortlisted for Best International Feature Film at the 2024 Oscars (though it missed the final nomination list). 

In “The Monk and the Gun”, an American (Harry Einhorn) arrives in Bhutan under instruction to acquire a valuable rifle for a weapons collector. The firearm in question has fallen into the hands of a young monk, wandering the mountains on a spiritual mission of atonement. This sets the two on a collision course, and this is all happening against the backdrop of the South Asian nation preparing to hold its first-ever democratic elections. 

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'The Imaginary' (Netflix)

The Imaginary | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube The Imaginary | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube
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Netflix is set to boost its anime offering this month with “The Imaginary”, a charming fantasy adventure from Studio Ponoc. Set in a whimsical world where people’s imaginations come to life, Rudger is an invisible apparition that only his creator, a young girl named Amanda, can see. However, one day, Rudger finds himself trapped in a place where forgotten imaginaries live and must set out on a quest to be reunited with Amanda and also face a mysterious threat along the way. “The Imaginary” comes from director Yoshiyuki Momose who worked on several classic Studio Ghibli movies including  “Spirited Away” and “Princess Mononoke”.

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