5 best Prime Video family movies to watch right now

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Thinking about watching a movie with the kids? It can be difficult to find something that the whole family will enjoy. Luckily, streaming services like Prime Video are filled to the brim with free options for just about every type of viewer. Whether you want a fun little animated adventure or a feel-good movie everyone can stay in the living room for, there are tons of great family movies on the platform. 

So many, in fact, that sifting through them all could take hours. That's why we've gone ahead and done the hard part for you. We've rounded up selections that you can feel good about watching with the entire family. Here are our picks for the best family movies to watch on Prime Video now. 

'How to Train Your Dragon'

Norse teen Hiccup (Tawin Yavapolkul) grew up around the tradition of fighting dragons. As he goes through dragon-fighting school, all he wants is to prove himself to his father (Kongkrapunt Sangsuriya), but that changes when he meets an injured dragon he nicknames Toothless. With this chance meeting, the future of his entire clan takes a major shift, and things are no longer about endless fighting with the titular dragons under the humans' thumbs. 

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'Hotel Transylvania Transformania'

Dracula (Brian Hull) and human Johnny (Andy Samberg), husband to Dracula's daughter Mavis (Selena Gomez), undergo major transformations after Johnny uses a ray that helps turn humans into monsters and vice versa. Fearing they'll be stuck this way, the pair and the rest of their newly-human friends set off on a journey to find a special crystal to turn themselves back before the effects become permanent. 

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'Minions: The Rise of Gru'

Before Gru was Gru in the "Despicable Me" series, he was a young boy who just wanted to join the Vicious 6, a group of evil villains. This origin story follows the evil Gru on his quest to replace the ousted member Wild Knuckles with all his Minions at his side. He soon finds that you can't do everything yourself, and sometimes bad guys need a helping hand too as he grows into the hilarious evildoer we know and love today. 

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'The Lego Batman Movie'

The Joker (Zach Galifianakis) has finally taken over Gotham, and Batman (Will Arnett) has to thwart his plans once more. But this time, he won't be able to do it on his own. After years of being a lone wolf vigilante, the hero has to learn to let others in and team up to save the day, thanks to sidekick Robin (Michael Cera) and tireless butler Alfred (Ralph Fiennes).

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Penelope Wilhern (Christina Ricci) is your average, everyday woman. She just has the snout of a pig thanks to a curse. As such, she stays at home and keeps herself out of society's view. The only way to break the curse, she believes, is to find someone who looks just like her. When a few villainous men hire someone to pose as her perfect beau (James McAvoy), he soon finds himself falling for the pure-hearted Penelope ... and a normal life for her suddenly doesn't seem so far away. 

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