This new comedy just rocketed into the Netflix top 10 — and season 2 is already confirmed

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When you’re looking for something to binge-watch over the weekend on Netflix, the top 10 list is a great place to start. After all, Netflix is one of the best streaming services, so there are always plenty of new shows to watch. One of these includes the new comedy show “Tires”, which has already claimed the No. 2 spot on Netflix, right below the extremely successful period drama “Bridgerton”. 

Shane Gillis' comedy series landed on the streamer on May 23, generating almost four million views in the first few days. Variety also confirmed “Tires” was renewed for season 2 ahead of its premiere. Although the show is enjoying early success with viewers, critics aren't quite so sold on the Netflix original comedy. 

If you want to learn more about this show and whether it’s worth a watch, here is everything you need to know. 

What is ‘Tires’ about?

“Tires” follows a man named Will (Steven Gerben) who wants to do right by his father’s auto repair shop. Being an unqualified heir, he struggles to drive profits and turn the business around, and things only get worse from there. His cousin and now employee, Shane (Shane Gillis), causes constant trouble. However, Will has no choice but to keep his annoying cousin in line while becoming a better manager. 

The comedy also stars Chris O’Connor as Cal, Kilah Fox as Kilah, and Stavros Halkias as Dave. They play other employees in the auto repair shop named Valley Forge Tires, and they seem to be just as concerned about the shop’s future as Will. 

Shane Gillis is the writer, co-creator, and executive producer of “Tires”. This sitcom actually began in 2019 on his YouTube channel before turning into a six-episode season on Netflix. The streamer also acquired the stand-up comedy special “Shane Gillis: Beautiful Dogs” back in 2023.

Critics and audiences aren’t on the same side

Despite this comedy series earning a second season, it hasn’t been doing well with critics. In fact, the reviews are divided when it comes to critical opinions and general audiences. “Tires” currently has an average rating of 50% on Rotten Tomatoes, but the audience score is very high at 92%.  

Brian Lowry from CNN said: “At six sitcom-length episodes (the shortest runs 18 minutes), Tires has a small-boned feel even before getting to how flat the jokes are.” Meanwhile, Los Angeles Times’ Robert Llyod wasn’t so pleased with the humor: “I wasn’t outraged — the humor, like the characters, is too pointedly juvenile to take that seriously. Still, I didn’t laugh once.” 

Some critics did offer a positive take on this comedy though. John Anderson from Wall Street Journal believes that “the unexpected nature of the jokes is a prime reason the show works, but so are the little truths revealed along the way. Surprise and honesty, after all, are the steel-belted radials of comedy.”

Conversely, many Netflix subscribers seem to be enjoying “Tires”. Several of the audience reviews on Rotten Tomatoes mention how “hilariously refreshing” it is, along with the common phrase “so excited for season 2.” It looks like "Tires" is yet another Netflix show where critics and viewers don't see eye-to-eye.

People clearly love ‘Tires’

Chris O’Connor and Shane Gillis in Tires on Netflix

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It’s obvious by the split reviews that audiences are more impressed by this new Netflix comedy series. The show has been described as “edgy and politically incorrect”, but the jokes don’t come across as inconsiderate or unsympathetic. Even the low budget makes “Tires” feel unique compared to other comedies in the streaming market. 

Don’t dismiss this new series purely based on its critical reception. It’s worth giving this comedy series a go if you enjoy silly humor and need something easy to watch. Judging on the 100+ ratings from audiences on Rotten Tomatoes (most of which are positive), “Tires” has found an audience that appreciates its style of comedy. 

If you need more to add to your list, check out these five new movies and shows to watch this week. Otherwise, sit back and relax as you stream “Tires” on Netflix.  

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