'The Mole' season 2: The top suspects from the Netflix reality series

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The Netflix reality series "The Mole" is back for another round of high-stakes competitive action which will have all of us asking one question: Who is "The Mole"?

In 2022, the streaming service rebooted the ABC series for a fresh instalment of the challenge show, and after a bit of a wait, that reboot has returned to put another twelve competitors through their paces. 

Our latest batch of contestants is hard at work taking on all manner of tough mental and physical challenges to add as much money as possible to the pot. The problem is, that one person among them — The Mole — has secretly been enlisted by the show's producers to undermine their fellow players' efforts while trying to avoid drawing suspicion from the other players. 

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The teams have already undertaken a number of epic missions in Malaysia, and a few people have already been eliminated from the search. But with two further episode batches still to come on July 5 and July 12, we've got some time to wait before our secret saboteur is unmasked...so, we've rounded up our thoughts on who the top suspects are right now. 


Michael for "The Mole" season 2

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There's no getting around it: Michael is the top suspect right now. He's been costing the group money for the prize pot across the first five episodes, there's been some moves that look like sabotage (throwing the case further into the water in episode 2?), and several of the other players still in the game also suspect him. 

However, there's one key thing to keep in mind: Michael could be too obvious a choice for "The Mole" season 2. Anyone who watched season 1 will know that Joi was a top suspect for a while, but someone eventually ended up being unmasked as the real deal. And seeing as you can never be too certain of your theories with "The Mole", we've got eyes on some of the other competitors, too.


Ryan for "The Mole" season 2

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Ryan seems a possible candidate for several reasons. Yes, she managed to shoot two of the intruders in the very first challenge, but perhaps this was a big move to set herself up as a team player right from the off.

She's not had too many diary room moments in the first batch of episodes, she wasn't exactly helpful during the heist, and she dropped out of the first exemption challenge only once the pot had been drained of $20,000. And despite her bio telling us she's very athletic, she wasn't able to dive down and grab the first aid kit  

The biggest clue? Ryan openly cost the group $10,000 during the dinner challenge, lying about the pilot's dinner and saying he had a veggie dumpling even though he clearly had a chicken skewer (a move that Hannah spotted). 


Muna in "The Mole" season 2

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Muna is a bit more of a left-field choice. She was voted one of the most trustworthy players in the game from the off, she was helpful during the heist mission and she is frequently seen talking about how much the prize money would be a big help. That said, she's not entirely immune from suspicion (it's "The Mole", who is?), and a strategic "Mole" wouldn't want to give the game away right from the off. 

Muna's already told us that she plays to win, she doesn't seem too stressed by the eliminations, she lied to bag her exemption during the fortune cookie game and did feel like less of a presence in some of the other missions. Perhaps she's letting some of the other more prominent contestants do the sabotage for her?

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