‘Severance’ season 2 release date just confirmed by Apple — watch the teaser trailer now

Mark (Adam Scott) holding blue balloons in "Severance" season 2
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Over two years after the "Severance" finale, the first trailer for the second season of one of the very best Apple TV Plus shows has just landed ... and we just got a release date!

Fans have been desperate to learn more about the Apple TV Plus sci-fi hit for some time now. And on July 9, the streamer released a teaser that in Morse code spelled "Tomorrow,"  which viewers quickly took to mean a trailer was set to drop very soon. 

In true "Severance" fashion, the 40-second clip doesn't exactly give us any real answers. All we really see is the main cast returning to the white halls of Lumon Industries, and then Gwendoline Christie's mystery character offers a rather ominous statement: "You should have left." 

Even if we don't have more info about the story, we at the very least learned that the new series would launch on Apple TV Plus on January 17, 2025, meaning the wait is (almost) over. You can find the trailer below:

Severance — Season 2 Date Announcement | Apple TV+ - YouTube Severance — Season 2 Date Announcement | Apple TV+ - YouTube
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What is 'Severance' season 2 about? 

An image indicating spoilers are ahead.

The trailer didn't come accompanied with a synopsis, but Apple released a pretty cryptic logline: "Mark [Adam Scott] and his friends learn the dire consequences of trifling with the severance barrier, leading them further down a path of woe.”

The science fiction show's first series ended with the "Innies" getting glimpses at their lives outside Lumon's walls via the overtime contingency. Some seriously big reveals came in that finale: Helly is the heir to Lumon Industries, Ms. Casey is Mark's wife and Irving learned that Burt's "Outtie" was already in a relationship, all before the contingency was ended. All we can hope is that the new chapter will offer fresh insight into the lives of Mark and the others when it arrives early next year!

We've got more thoughts about the ending on the site while we wait for more "Severance" season 2 info. Be sure to check out Tom's Guide's article exploring the 7 questions "Severance" season 2 needs to answer.

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