Apple TV Plus drops first trailer for this cult classic reboot — and it looks like a hilariously fun show

Lisa Kudrow, Rune Temte, Kal-El Tuck, Tadhg Murphy, Charlyne Yi and Roger Jean Nsengiyumva in "Time Bandits"
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Not only has the “Gladiator 2” trailer dropped today, but we now have a teaser trailer for the upcoming reboot series “Time Bandits." Yes, that’s right, Apple TV Plus has created a show version of the original movie that has an impressive score of 91% on Rotten Tomatoes

Director Terry Gilliam's distinct visual style, elaborate sets and practical effects created a rich and immersive world that enhanced the movie’s sense of wonder, so it’ll be exciting to see a modernized take on this comedic fantasy. 

The story of the original was filled with dark humor and satire, especially through the eccentric characters and their interactions with historical figures. However, beyond its exciting plot, the movie explored interesting philosophical ideas such as the concept of good versus evil and the importance of imagination. It’s a perfect family movie that connects with audiences of all ages, and now it’s time to experience it again in this new hilariously fun show. Check out the wild trailer below: 

Time Bandits — Official Trailer | Apple TV+ - YouTube Time Bandits — Official Trailer | Apple TV+ - YouTube
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In this new reboot series, 11-year-old Kevin (Kal-El Tuck) joins a mischievous group of thieves who traverse through time to steal treasures from different historical places. Originally tasked by the Supreme Being to mend rifts in time, these thieves now exploit time portals for their fun adventures. And that’s exactly what we get to see in the trailer — giants, demons and pure utter chaos as the group jumps through time. 

The official synopsis provided by Apple TV Plus reads: “Eleven-year-old Kevin's passion for history is put to the test when he joins a ragtag group of time-traveling thieves on a high-stakes and hilarious adventure in this epic reimagining of the iconic film.” 

Joining little Kevin is the group’s leader Penelope, played by Lisa Kudrow (who you will most likely know from the hit show “Friends"). Other characters include Judy (Charlyne Yi), Alto (Tadhg Murphy), Widgit (Roger Jean Nysengiyumva), and Bittelig (Rune Temte). There are also more interesting characters revealed in the trailer, one being Taika Waititi as the Supreme Being (who I initially thought was Poseidon). Then there is the villain of the series — Pure Evil (Jemaine Clement), who seeks to use modern technology to rule the universe.

“Time Bandits” blends adventure, fantasy, and humor as Kevin discovers more about time-traveling and how his life suddenly changes. Here's to hoping the series can capture the brilliant chaos and allure of the original movie while introducing it to a fresh audience. And honestly, the trailer alone gives me high hopes already.

The first two episodes of “Time Bandits” will be released on July 24 on Apple TV Plus, followed by two new episodes every Wednesday. Want to watch the original? Check out the 1981 “Time Bandits” on Max

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