Microsoft unveils new Deep Pink Xbox Series X controller — here's where to buy

Xbox Series X controller in Deep Pink colorway
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft just announced an Xbox Series X controller in a brand new color: Deep Pink. The Xbox Wireless Controller (Deep Pink) doesn’t offer any new features, it's just a standard Xbox pad, but it sure is pretty. 

The new controller was only just unveiled but Microsoft is wasting no time getting it in the hands of gamers, as it's available to buy right now. You can get an Xbox Wireless Controller (Deep Pink) for $64 at the Microsoft Store. If you’re in the market for a new Xbox Series X controller but the current lineup doesn't appeal to you, then this could be what you’ve been waiting for. 

Xbox Wireless Controller (Deep Pink): $64 @ Microsoft Store

Xbox Wireless Controller (Deep Pink): $64 @ Microsoft Store
The latest addition to the Xbox controller range, the Xbox Wireless Controller (Deep Pink) coats the controller in a candyfloss shade of pink. The controller is otherwise identical to its predecessor, which is no bad thing as the Xbox Wireless Controller is a fantastic gaming pad. To find the latest discounts, take a look at our Microsoft promo codes page.  

The Xbox Wireless Controller (Deep Pink) is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, it’s an Xbox Series X pad with a pink coating across the entire front of the controller. 

Similar to the Red, Blue and Volt colorways, the Deep Pink controller sports a white back shell. The contrasting colors of the front and the black pair nicely together, white and pink are a classic combo after all. The controller also sports matching pink buttons and joysticks. 

As noted, this is just a standard Xbox Series X controller and is not an Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. However, at $64 it is one of the most expensive standard controllers to date. The existing lineup of controllers cost $59 each, so it’s a little odd that Microsoft has launched the Deep Pink hue at a slightly higher price point. 

Microsoft has been releasing the Xbox Series X controller in new colors at a regular clip since the console first launched in November 2022. While the Deep Pink variant isn’t quite as eye-catching as the stunning Aqua Shift shade, it definitely ranks above several of its more bland predecessors. 

If you’re still after an entire Xbox Series X console and not just a new controller, make sure to check out our Xbox Series X restock hub. This comprehensive guide contains all the latest stock updates from across major retailers to help you secure a console with minimal fuss. 

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